October Newsletter

YunoHost Newsletter

October 2019 released

A new minor release has been made for the YunoHost 3.6.5 series, including some much needed fixes for some user plaguing issues.

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3.7 testing release

A new testing release is available for early adopters and enthusiasts who would like to support the development team release the new YunoHost. You might find interesting features such as group and permissions mechanisms, application installation fixes, removal of Etckeeper and a whole lot of translation work. Thanks so much to all the contributors!

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Progress on Debian Buster support

A big shout-out to the contributors working towards having YunoHost run on the latest Debian Buster. The development is progressing, but there is still more to do, please see the ticket below and help out if you have time to spare.

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YunoHost stand at WebAssoc

YunoHost users held a stand promoting the project, discussing and presenting demos on how to self-host at the latest webassoc.org event. If you are also considering giving a talk on YunoHost, please feel free to do so! Here are some slides (FR) and a workshop guide to help you get started!

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Project donation platform launched

The YunoHost core team have launched a funding platform to allow the community to support YunoHost financially. Furthermore, the platform is packaged as a YunoHost application! You can use it for your own project too.

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YunoHost at FOSDEM 2020

@decentral1se (YunoHost contributor) has been asked to join the steering committee for the Decentralized Internet and Privacy devroom FOSDEM in 2020. Some sort of workshop or talk proposal is in progress, so expect more news on this before February.

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YunoHost interview for Radiostudent.si

@alexAubin (YunoHost core) was asked to participate in an interview about the project for the radiostudent.si initiative. The majority of the podcast is in Slovenian.

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A new home page for YunoHost

Some great work in re-imagining a new landing page for YunoHost is to be found over at eliegavoty.fr/testou/fr. However, more energy is needed, and we are looking for people wanting to help! The source code is available here. Please come and chat to us if you would like to help.

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Improved contributor workflows

A lot of internal work has targeted simpler and easier contribution workflow. This barrier to entry has always been a source of pain for new contributors. The process of setting up a development environment for YunoHost has been dramatically simplified, it’s never been simpler to contribute to the development of the project!

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Podcasts from @unklebonehead

@unklebonehead has been hard at work releasing solid podcasts (under the title of “The Self Hosted Podcast”) about how to work with the YunoHost project in various ways. As self-described: “Started as a way for me to showcase YunoHost, but quickly evolving into everything that encompasses the Fediverse.”. They come recommended and are available for your listening pleasure from your favourite free software music player today.

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Thanks a lot @decentral1se for this newsletter really useful to get latest updates .

To all Yunohost contributors: keep up the good work !


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I will most likely be in Belgium when FOSDEM will take place (2019-02-01,02). How can one help?

I will create a thread and try to open up participation ASAP!

Thanks for the interest.