Nextcloud social app can't follow nor be followed

Does anyone manage to use the Social app of Nextcloud?

I can’t follow (mastodon nor other social nextcloud app user) not be followed (from mastodon or social nextcloud user)?

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In NextCloud version 2398098, in YunoHost 8098098098, it works perfectly.

But maybe you are in a different version not from the future, but nobody can help because you decided to clear the template.

This template is to help people willing to spend time helping you.

Necessary things : YunoHost version, app version, links to whatever usefull (nextcloud app repo/doc/source), and logs.

Without this, I’ll answer as I do at work : it works for me, and close the ticket (but I won’t close the ticket here :stuck_out_tongue: )

YunoHost 11.2.5 (stable).

Nextcloud Version installée : 27.1.2~ynh3

installed on a laptop I can access by ssh.

No special installation other than the fact nextcloud is installed on a subdirectory of our main domain name instead of a dedicated subdomain.

It it helps, I found at that I’m not the only one to face issues :

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