New app Invoice Ninja

Hey everyone,

I created a new app for Invoice Ninja.

Here’s the Github URL:

Invoice Ninja is the #1 open-source platform to create & email invoices, track payments and expenses, and time billable tasks & projects for clients.

Right now installing and removing works. Upgrading, backup and restore was not tested yet.

There are some other open tasks:

  • Completely configure the env
  • Mail settings
  • Create Cronjobs
  • Create initial user?

Let me know what you think!


Hey @rndmh3ro,

Nice! I was looking for a good time-tracking app for my individual art practice and found Kimai. Unfortunately the Yunohost implementation of Kimai is an old version, and is currently looking for an adopter. Kimai 2 v0.6.1 Time-Tracking app

I am quite curious about Invoice Ninja as well. Do you think time tracking works well in it?

I think I will try out your app once I have my Yunohost installation up and running again.

Good luck testing!

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The PR is on the way for the Kimai 2

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Hey @kanhu,

Glad to see you back! How are you?

That is awesome :slight_smile: It is probably good if you reply to the thread here too at some point, to update the others that were interested.

Good luck with the final steps!

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