[my_capsule] Custom Gemini capsule to make your Gemini pages reachable on the web

Custom Gemini capsule with SFTP access and HtmGem to make your Gemini pages reachable on the web.


Gemini is a new internet protocol which:

  • Is heavier than gopher
  • Is lighter than the web
  • Will not replace either
  • Strives for maximum power to weight ratio
  • Takes user privacy very seriously

Many thanks for adding this - I’ve been eagerly awaiting a Gemini server to be added!

Initially the server wouldn’t start - to get it working I had to make several changes to the config file in /etc/gemserv/config.d -

  1. Change the permissions of the domain toml config file (ie your.domain.com.toml) to gemserv:gemserv
  2. Copy the contents of server.toml into the top of the above mentioned file.

Not sure if those two tweaks are the best solution, but they work for me at least.

hi @yalh76

I’ve also installed your packaged app in a subdomain of my ynh server at home

It seems installation was fine, as I can open in a regular browser (ie. firefox) https://gem.mydomain.tld and see sftp credentials and port. Default “welcome” page.

But trying to open gem.mydomain.tld on Amfora (my gemini browser of choice) replies with

URL Fetch Error ═════════╗
║ ║
║ Failed to connect to the server: ║
║ tls: DialWithDialer timed out.

Port 1965 is open on my home router; and https page loads fine; so I guess DNS config is also fine on my register; letsencrypt certificate also installed.

Please would any of you give any hint about the possible issue? Should I write a default page in /var/www/gem…folder or should it serve your default page (as with http)? thanks


I’m going to reboot server now and


I’ve done what @mxv suggests

chown gemserv:gemserv domain.tld.toml

and copy/paste server.toml content on top of domain.tld.toml

then restart gemserv service.

Now works!


First command solves /var/log/gemserv/gemserv.log

cat: /etc/gemserv/config.d/domain.tld.toml: Permission denied

second one solves

Config error: missing field server at line 1 column 1

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I just installed it and it works fine after having followed instructions of @mxv and @ghose.

I can access my capsule through gemini but not with https where I receive an error:

An error occurred during a connection to gem.xxxx.org. Certificate key usage inadequate for attempted operation.


Do I have anything to do regarding the certificate or dns (at my registrar)?

Thank you.

My problem accessing my capsule with https is solved, I forgot to install a let’s encrypt certificate for the domain used when installing my_capsule app.

Thank you for your work @yalh76 !

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But what is the use of a MySQL database when installing?

I don’t know, I 've seen that you can use cgi with gemerv, so that cgi can need a mysql, so I’ve implemented a mysql during install

In addition, mycapsule_ynh is based on mywebapp_ynh that implement a mysql database during install

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