Multi-user /home privacy + collaboration & group directories + permissions


yunohost is already using the /home directory and has a special place for media files.

But I think there may be just some smaller configuration additions missing that could be really useful, not just as an advanced use-case, but likely for all users.

File sharing and collaboration might be immensely simplified if all users and user groups could automatically get collaboration directories that automatically take care of providing proper access permissions.

Things like:


The Debian wiki has a page about actually making use of its default user-private-group setup. And there is already a proof-of-concept script to try out. It creates such directories once the currently needed debian-workarounds (see comments) are in place.

The clou would then be to enable yunohost users to access these user and group directories simply through their installed apps (simplest: select a group/directory for the app to store files in), and the users also having access to all their available data through, for example, syncthing or a fast “cloud-like” web-filemanager like Filestash - Thoughts? - #7 by mickael-kerjean - PrivacyTools Community