Forum renders "500 Internal Server Error" on edit

when I try to save a small edit of my post at: Multi-user file(system) data sharing/collaboration directories & permissions I get a javascript overlay displaying: 500 Internal Server Error

(Checked: The same also happens if I try to edit the above post.)

EDIT: edit worked for this message

So, I could edit my follow up message above.

But still not my opening post, though.

Hmyeah sorry it’s related to a plugin we’re using … I opened an issue on their bugtracker but not feedback yet … Can't edit main post after recent Discourse update (2.7.0.beta6) ? · Issue #11 · paviliondev/discourse-multilingual · GitHub

But yeah it’s pretty annoying, we’ll figure out a workaround in the next days if this ain’t fixed upstream …

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Thanks Aleks! Fortunately, with edits working for follow up messages that bug is not all that grave as it originally looked.

I noticed the forum update and retried, unfortunately it did not yet fix the main post editing for me.

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