Metronome VideoCall ports/service

Info: latest YNH server on a local RasPi at home
No modifications (relevant to this question).

Low priority issue because I was just testing but this question could be useful for anyone reading.

I tried to reply to this topic Audio/video calls with metronome/Conversations but it is now closed.

Hi, recently Dino (jabber client) got audio/video calls support so I’ve tried to use my server and test it.

I’ve NOT installed any sturn/coturn service, only default metronome config especific to my domain.

When both devices (dino on desktop and conversations in android) are in the same local network it works fine :smiley: but trying to use the service on mobile data with does not connect (unespecific error)

SO I GUESS it’s because either I need to open some specific port AND/OR install some sturn/coturn server.

Is this discovery service NOT needed in the local network so devices can see (connect) to each other without it? It works fine without any.

what port should be opened to internet to also have connection to my server? (if any in particular)

The call is made (call tones are received), but it is not established.

Thank you. I hope this is relevant.

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May be you can try your external visibility with this tool :
You will have usefull informations about needed ports to open/NAT.

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Hi there,

Ok I have successfuly made this to work a long time ago. If I remember correctly you have to enable the extdisco (external discovery) module and also install coturn server. Needless to say that you have to open the respective ports set in your configuration.

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