Mailjet / domain validation

I’ve installed Yunohost at home on a Raspberry Pi 4 with a domain. Everything works great so far.
Except one thing: E-Mail.
As my provider has blocked port 25, I’m forced to use a SMTP Relay. So I created an account at and followed this instructions:
Configure SMTP relay | Yunohost Documentation

After sending my first testmail, I got a notification from mailjet, that I have to verify my domain:

Where do I have to put the .txt file? Or where can I edit my DNS records?
Thanks in advance!

Really no one in this forum knows how to validate a domain with mailjet??

No idea if it’s possible with domain, but your question seems to be similar to this topic

Mailjet does not help. I do not get the email because of the port 25 block. Help!

Note: it might be possible to use an smtp relay which offers an other ports.

If you can’t use smtp relay cause port are blocked an other way could be to use a vpn with a dedicated public ip.

About your question about adding some dns entries in subdomains, some entries could be forbidden. However it’s possible to try to create a hook custom_dns_rules

Note: it might be possible to use an smtp relay

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