Logseq, un logiciel de "Personal Knowledge Management" non linéaire

Hi all,

This is just to discuss and maybe make you discover new open source projects :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:
I don’t know whether you know and/or use Roam Research, a “Personal Knowledge Management” software, which is a kind of mix between an outliner note taking software (workflowy) and a non-linear wiki (TiddlyWiki).

It’s becoming quite trendy since a few months, and I’m personnaly convinced that it’s one of the best note taking / productivity software ever made, once you have well understood how to use it (hint : not like a traditional note taking software). The problem with Roam Research is that in addition to be quite expensive (15 USD a month) all your notes are hosted in their server and as always, who knows what will happen the day that company will decide to go bankrupt or sell your notes to the best offer…

Thankfully a few open source clones are now starting to take shape. Among them, Logseq and Athens seem to me to be the best offer. They are both evolving very fast. Athens has a slightly more elegant interface, but it’s far behind functonalities-wise, and uses a kind of database format that is quite scary for the long term. Logseq uses just a bunch of .md files, one per note, which is perfectly resilient and should outlive the software, should it disapear. Also, eventhough it’s in Athens’ roadmap, they don’t yet offer an online version.

It looks like Logseq could be quite easily installed as a custom webapp, so I may have a look and try to have it installed on Yunohost. Should it be the case, I would tell you here for those who would be interested. Meanwhile, you should definitely give a try to the desktop version.

Happy discovering :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Hi @Limezy
Did you find a solution to deploy Logseq on Yunohost ?
At this moment I’m interrested to try this app to see if it can help for my professional learning :slight_smile:

currently testing logseq and trying to understand if the sync server can be self-hosted (a bit like joplin), but it doesn’t seem like it. :frowning_face:

have you kept using it?

Hi there,
I’ve been using logseq for a few weeks and I managed to sync it between pc and phone using syncthing on yunohost.
Still it is just a sync between to local installations…
Though, it would be great to have it web based, maybe password protected…

Let’s keep in touch for if we have some news on the matter.

ive tried using syncthing a coupld of times, but it drains too much battery from my phone…

do you have a synthing tutorial for logseq that i can see if it can be adapted for nextcloud?

I followed this tutorial.

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thank you, but doesn’t really look like it can be translated into nextcloud. :face_holding_back_tears:

Why not? In this case, Nextcloud would just synchronise the Logseq data between devices (and to/from a Yunohost/Nextcloud server). Logseq, as an app, would not be isnstalled on Yunohost but only on the client machine (i.e. the machine of the user who does knowledge management).
Yunohost is just used to synchronise and back up data.

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I have been using LogSeq for several months (and I loooove this software!) and I use Nextcloud (via Yunohost) to synchronize between my PCs. This poses no particular problem. To synchronize on Android, I am forced to use a non-free software, FolderSync.

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ok, i think i get that and i probably managed to do it at some point i believe during one of my tests.
but why then this:


just to clarify, i managed to sync betweem my machine and my phone using syncthing with a setting that doesn’t drain my phone battery.

im still early stages, but im loving it too. :smile:

Yes you can use Syncthing. But I already use Nextcloud and I don’t want to use another sync software as Syncthing.

As Android Nextcloud client is not able to process 2 ways sync in a transparent way, I’ve to use ForderSync to do this, via Webdav protocol.

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got it, thanks.
isn’t there a free alternative to foldersync?