Let's Encrypt unable to install after new domain creation

-Hardware: Old computer

YunoHost version:** (stable)

I have access to my server :through the webadmin

Are you in a special context or did you perform some particular tweaking on your YunoHost instance ?** : no

After creating a new subdomain I attempted to install a let’s encrypt certificate but was prompted to run a diagnosis first. After running the diagnostics everything seems fine

Unfortunately, I am still unable to install a let’s encrypt certificate.

I had this issue with 2 subdomains


Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


Then what happens when you try

I’m prompts me to do the diagnosis as if I never did it.


When I re-run the diagnosis, I get the same message.


Okay but it’s not just about DNS configuration … What about the web category ?

I’m hoping this isn’t related but I’m also getting a mis diagnosis on port 80 not being accessible.

I know for sure it’s accessible since I’m accessing it from another system and also I’ve checked using https://www.portchecktool.com/

and it’s accessible.


This would be the web category then right, port 80?

Yes, it’s related …

Are you sure you are forwarding that port correctly from your router to your server

I’ve double-checked on my router and all seems correct. It had been working previously, I haven’t changed anything.

If that was the case I shouldn’t be receiving a positive from an external tool should I?

Tools may be checking things in different ways which may or may not conclude that the thing is opened (e.g. there’s a difference between a port being opened and a service answering behind it, etc)

What about the web category of the diagnosis, does it show any issues …

Yes, this is the issue.

I’m still receiving a port exposure error for port 80 as well but I am able to access my nextcloud install from outside my LAN, would this not be a good indicator it’s working?

No, because the issue is precisely about your server being reachable from the outside … So yes, your Nextcloud is working, but no, it’s not reachable from the outside, which is the issue.

Are you sure that your router allows to forward port 80 ? Some routers are sometime hosting their own web administration interface exposed to the outside, which therefore supersed any port forwarding for port 80…

Like, what happens when you try to access (replacing with your global/public IP)

I was mistaken, it seems I am unable to connect to my nextcloud from outside my network but when I did try what you suggested. I used my global public IP and my browser warned me the connection was not secure but when I accepted it brought me to the yunohost admin panel


This behaviour of not being able to reach port 80 is recent within the last few days (I’ve been using it successfully for months now). Could it have anything to do with my recent upgrade of the system? Should I be migrating to Buster?

Could any of these actions be responsible?

These are the titles of logs that I’ve done recently.


And you confirm that you explicitly set http:// (and not https) in front of the IP ?

What about other warnings/error in the diagnosis possibly about system configuration manually configured ? (Honestly just click the damn “Share” button in the diagnosis view at that point, it’ll make everything easier…)

Here’s the copy


I can confirm that nextcloud is reachable by a colleague on my server I asked a few hours ago and he confirmed he could.

Here is a share test text file from my nextcloud instance to see if you can receive it. https://1146.nohost.me/nextcloud/s/AyDtHPASayNw3Pz

Well now I understand that it’s only about some subdomains but others domains were working fine, and you already have lets encrypt certs for them …

So my conclusion is that it’s “just” the diagnosis reporting that port 80 is unreachable and somehow also failing to diagnose if domains are reachable from outside … which is puzzling considering that they are

In the meantime you can try to run yunohost domain cert-install masto.yourdomain.tld --no-checks, and that should work …

I’ll try that, thanks. Sorry, I could have been clearer in my description.

Okay, I tried that and it was unable to complete. Here’s the log https://paste.yunohost.org/raw/anixicikez