Join us for the Brique Camp / YunoCamp 2019! (August 10th -> 16th)


[English version]

We are happy to announce that the Brique Camp / YunoCamp 2019 will happen from August 10th to 16th in Paris at the hackerspace Le Fuz in Paris ! :partying_face:

What is it? :brick:

yunohost internetcube

During this event, various contributors from the YunoHost project and the Internet Cube project (also called la Brique Internet) will meet, discuss, drink various beverages, and work on the projects ! :yum:

Can I join? :thinking:

Yes! You are free to join us if you want to chat about the project or learn or contribute! Knowing how to code is great (frontend, backend, sysadmin, network stuff, …) but turns out that we desperately need people willing to work on “non-technical” aspects of the projects, such as communication, UX tests, design, pedagogical documentation, translations … or just sharing with us what you do with YunoHost / the Internet Cube and what you would like to see happening in the future! Also just passing by to say hi is cool too !

You can also join us to work on other projects related to decentralizing the Internet and destroy the tech megacorps :wink: :v: !

Shall I register somewhere? :ticket:

If you plan to join, and especially if you want to organize an accomodation with the rest of the team (to reduce costs) then please add your nickname as soon as possible on

:arrow_right: this Framadate :arrow_left:

and/or contact us to so that we can organize the accomodations.

Filling the framadate helps us anticipate the number of people that will be there, to better organize space and logistic !

Getting there

This is in Paris ! Le Fuz / Laboïkos is very close to the metro station Buzenval (east of Paris, near Montreuil and Nation) :

This wiki page that describe the access :

Map of Paris Metro :

The place has a kitchen and will be somewhat free to organize our meal and schedules as we want :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

[Version française]

Nous sommes heureux d’annoncer que le Brique Camp / YunoCamp 2019 aura lieu du 10 au 16 août, au hackerspace Le Fuz à Paris ! :partying_face:

Keskéçé? :brick:

yunohost internetcube

Pendant cet événement, différents contributeurices des projet YunoHost et La Brique Internet se rencontrent, discutent, ingurgitent des boissons variées, et travaillent sur les projets ! :yum:

Je peux venir? :thinking:

Oui! Vous êtes le bienvenu si vous voulez parler du projet, le découvrir ou contribuer! Savoir coder c’est cool (frontend, backend, adminsys, trucs de réseau, …) mais il se trouve que nous cherchons désespérément des personnes qui veulent s’investir sur des aspects “non-techniques” des projects, comme la communication, des tests d’UX, du design, faire des documentation pédagogiques, les traductions … Ou bien vous pouvez tout simplement venir nous raconter comment vous utiliser YunoHost / la Brique Internet et qu’est-ce que vous aimeriez voir dans le futur! Juste passer 5 minutes pour dire bonjour, c’est cool aussi !

Vous pouvez aussi vous joindre à nous pour travailler sur un quelconque projet lié à la décentralisation d’Internet et/ou la destruction des mégarcorps de l’informatique :wink: :v: !

Est-ce qu’il faut s’enregister? :ticket:

Si vous comptez venir, et en particulier si vous voulez organiser un hébergement en commun avec le reste de l’équipe (pour réduire les coûts) alors rajoutez votre pseudo sur

:arrow_right: ce Framadate :arrow_left:

et/ou contactez-nous à pour que l’on puisse s’organiser pour l’hébergement.

Remplir le framadate nous aide à anticiper le nombre de personnes qui seront présentes, et à mieux gérer l’espace et la logistique !


C’est dans Paris ! Le Fuz / Laboïkos est à deux pas de la station Buzenval (est de Paris, près de Montreuil et Nation) :

Cette page décrit comment entrer dans le lieu :

Carte du métro Parisien :

Le lieu a une cuisine et nous serons relativement libre de nous organiser comme on veux pour les horaires et les repas :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:



I am very interested in doing an Internet box.
Will you organize a workshop on it during this camp?
I am interested in doing one with good quality equipment.

Could mention how many days it will last?

See you soon on the calendar.

Cheers, José

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Well eh, yes and no, so far there’s no such thing actually planned, though there are some discussion to have one day being an “open door” thing to encourage the general public to come over (especially the people from the coworking thing are enthusiast about such a thing)

So maybe there could be a workshop, but somebody has to take the lead on that for it to happen. Otherwise you will anyway surely find people to explain you the different aspect :wink:

I am expecting to get a second hand system.
If yes, I will take it for first installation :).

Thank, José

Hi, is there a way to have a look at a list of those desperately needed non-technical contributions, before the camp ?

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Hello @gmar, you can have a look in this list : How to contribute to YunoHost

There is also some video arround the corner: Yunohost Cinema

I’m planning some “user experience” testing like “You have this server and you should install Yunohost on it” or “Here is your Yunohost serveur, do a backup”. I’m so used to yunoHost that I don’t see anymore all the edges and small traps. The goal is have something smooth and usable by “non technical” people. At least, that’s how I see it :slight_smile:

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Is there any updates about the accommodation in Paris? I need to organise the trip and accommodation :slight_smile:

We have found an accomodation for the 4 persons asked for it in the opensondage (and by email). @Gofannon you are in these 4 persons.

It’s free (because it’s my aunt who hosts us).

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Est-ce que vous avez retenu des dates / horaires / programme.

Merci de votre retour ou page d’info.

Amicalement, José

Salut @JRelland :

Les dates sont celles annoncées dans le post initial (du 10 au 16). Il n’y a pas vraiment de programme : l’événement reste relativement informel. J’imagine que les gens seront principalement actif entre 10h et minuit ? On tentera de préparer des repas collectifs pour les gens que ça intéresse. Pour le reste avec @ljf on va essayer de faire en sorte puisse trouver un truc cool sur lequel travailler, et on sera là pour fournir des explications techniques au besoin.

Hi there,

basically what I had in mind when writing this was mostly :

  • UX tests, as mentionned by @Gofannon, would really be awesome to try to polish how people discover and become (or not) a user. The ideal is to perform those tests with the help of “total newbies” (for example not even familiar with the concept of server) - but even “faking” to be a newcomer can be cool to gather some feedback. Imho at least all those aspects could be covered :
    • the website landpage + initial documentation on what’s selfhosting, what’s yunohost, how to install it … What’s not clear / obvious about it ? How could it be improved ? (Surely there are tons of items to answer this :wink: )
    • the whole install procedure, from the starting point of “i want to install yunohost” up to “I am on the webadmin ready to install some apps”. What’s not clear / obvious about it ? How could it be improved ? (Surely there are tons of items to answer this :wink: )
    • now that you have YunoHost install and want to deploy some apps for your family / friends / local association / … try to do this … what’s not clear / obvious ? What could be improved ?
  • Communication
    • Think / rework about how we talk about the projects such that it’s understandable and “appealing” even for non-tech users ? So like some sort of “communication strategy” ? (idk what that’s called)
    • Rework the websites landing page according to the previous point (e.g. the yunohost landing page hasnt been reworked since at least 4 years ?). (Just a sketch of what it should look like would be nice)
    • Moar communication material, like flyers or posters such that people can stick some propaganda on walls
    • If you have some ideas about reworking the logos (or playing with colors or idk), that’s also something that can be discussed
    • All of these items are valid both for the YunoHost project and the Internet Cube project!
  • Documentation : c.f. what’s discovered in UX tests, there might be a lot of small or big details to improve such that the documentation is friendly, well-structured and understandable to beginners :wink:
  • Translation for the strings inside YunoHost, but also for the documentation … So e.g. French and English are ~mostly okay, but could be nice to have more pages translated in other languages
  • General feedback from a design expert ? I dunno … like about the webadmin and so on, are there quirks that should be adressed that we did not realize yet. (Probably kinda redundent with the UX test part ?)
  • And then there are all kinds of various ideas like creating cool video tutorials on how to get started with self-hosting in general, in french or in english or any language. For instance this video at the freedombox website is a cool example of something that would be nice to have.
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Thank you @Aleks for your feedback

About UX tests, I would like to deloy a complete “YunoHost for non-profit” configuration.
I have already done this partially and by experimentation.
Now, I would like to (re)do that in a more structured way with a good practice for users, applications and system accounts.
I will have a OVH VPS available.
And this will be the opportunity to try to solve some issues.

I am expecting to spend one or two days in Paris.
Please, note I live in Troyes, less than 2 hours from Paris by train.

Other interests:

  • La Brique Internet,
  • To get several independant YNH on one VPS (or server) through Docker (that I do not know).

By the way, I would like to buy a new laptop (online or in a shop in Paris).
Something like: ASUS - Vivobook S S530FN-BQ184T Pc portable 15’ Gris métalisé Intel Core i7, 8 Go de Ram, 1 to + Ssd 256 Go, Nvidia Mx 150 2Go, Windows 10, Clavier Azerty Français Intel Core i7 - 15.6
Thank you for your comments and suggestions. About 1 000 €.
Expecting to create a dual boot with Debian + Virtualbox on Windows + vidéos

Thank you for your time.
See you soon in Paris. José

For 1000€ you can have much better I think :stuck_out_tongue:

A good tip I know is to look for reconditionned Thinkpad machine (so not brand new, but pretty much almost brand new) on ebay. You can get something similar to what you mention for half the price : for example this. (c.f. some more results here)

@Aleks, don’t hesitate to ping me if you need to upload video/tuto on Yunohost Cinema Peertube instance. I will follow Brique Camp at distance (because I’m in Portugal :confused: ) but will perhaps contribute if needed.

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Thank you for this feedback @Aleks.

For the “YunoHost for non-profit” configuration, I think somebody will be available in case I need some support :).
I expecting to be in Paris on Saturday and Wednesday. (to be confirmed).

See you soon. José

Hey there !

Sorry for the late news, but we are getting ready for the Camp !

We’ll be arriving in Paris during Tomorrow (Friday) afternoon and will be happy to meet people already in Paris during the afternoon at the Fuz ! (Mostly chilling and chatting I expect, no crazy coding night :stuck_out_tongue: ) Or later on Saturday for most of the others.

We are trying to prepare some tools and possibly organize collective session on stuff such as “how to use git” for people who wanna learn and are not already familiar with it - or like “how to setup a dev environment”, or “how to contribute to the documentation / website”.

We’ll see how that goes depending on who feels like doing what - but we will probably do these session during Saturday afternoon or something like that ?

Also, on Wednesday evening, we will have a more open event for people willing to discover the projects (+ regular people from the Fuz) :

See you soon !

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Hey there !

If you are joining us tomorrow, we will be opening the place at 11am. We will probably run some collective discussions starting at 1pm about what everything wants to work on and see how that goes, and possibly then some discussions about the tooling or other things.

Hi, I’ll try to come this tuesday or wednesay aftertoon. Is it possible / OK ?

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Yep we open at 10:30 and close at midnight each day

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Hi @Aleks, @ljf,
Have you proposed an agenda?
For true and false beginners: Git, apps packages, YNH core…
Between 10:30 and 18:00.

Unfortunately, I am not available Thursday.

Have a good time; José