Is it possible to install an app on a subdomain


we are working on packaging of GNU social software

We want to know if it is possible to install an app on a subdomain, we want to install GNU social on social.domain.tld

We read this Creating subdomains in Yunohost? but it not clear if that is possible.

Thanks for your support!

A yunohost administrator can create a subdomain via the web admin. Next this operation he could be able to set up a yunohost app on this subdomain.

So generally the administrator makes a choice about the subdomain name. If you really want force the subdomain to be named “social”. You could create directly the subdomain with the install script of the yunohost app. But this way is not the standard way, all the other apps let the administrator determine the subdomain name.

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Thanks for your reply! where in the web admin can I create a subdomain? I don’t find it :frowning:

  1. Login the webadmin https://YOURSERVER/yunohost/admin/
  2. Click on “Domain”
  3. Click on “Add a domain”
  4. Click on “I already have a domain”
  5. Write “social.YOURDOMAIN.TLD”
  6. Click on add to validate the creation

You need to configure your DNS server properly to redirect the subdomain to your SERVER. You can use a wildcard to redirect all subdomain to your yunohost server.

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Here how we finally did the installation of our app on a sub-domain All your comments are welcome!