Creating subdomains in Yunohost?

Hi there,
I’m migrating to YunoHost from a previous different setup. What I’m trying to duplicate:

  • mydomain.tld is a wordpress install
  • files.mydomain.tld is an ownCloud install
  • is Yunohost login

Currently mydomain.tld is set to be the YunoHost login, but I’m having trouble creating subdomains in Yunohost (I know how to point the domain / subdomain to the correct computer, just fine).

When I try to create a subdomain by creating a domain and entering files.mydomain.tld, it doesn’t give an error, it just goes back to the domains page, still showing only mydomain.tld as existing.


  1. How can I actually add subdomains in Yunohost?
  2. Can I assign one as the main domain in Yunohost?
  3. Can I still use the root domain for an app?




I don’t know if what I did is the correct way to do it, but I just declare all my subdomains as yunohost domains and as A records in my DNS zone.


I just declare all my subdomains as yunohost domains

Strange… When I tried that, Yunohost just went back to the domains page, but the subdomain didn’t save. I wonder if it has something to do with the fact that I was trying to create subdomains of the main domain. Go you have any subs under your main domain @codeplumbers? And are you also on v2.2?

Yes I’m on 2.2.

Did you try to use the command line to create the domains? usually it’s way safer than using the web gui.

it should be something like

yunohost domain [-h] {info,add,list,remove}
    info                Get domain information
    add                 Create a custom domain
    list                List domains
    remove              Delete domains
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Actually, I just figured it out. It was adding the subdomain, but it wasn’t showing on the page because of page caching in the browser. I cleared the cache and it works fine.

Thanks for your help!