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Description of my issue

I want to say a big thank you to those involved in the making of the YNH package of Invoiceninja 4. I have been using it for the past 6 months and have now started to rely on it. (yes I do a regular backup!) Not sure if that’s a good thing or bad to rely on it but there we are…

I ran a YNH system check and found this app is no longer available on the YNH catalogue and thus will not be updated. Devastated!!! I realise that we have to move on and that there is a newer version 5, but reading version 5 on GitHub etc, this version it’s not quite ready? or do I have that wrong?

I love my Invoiceninja 4 whilst it’s good news that it’s being updated but does it work fully in YNH?

Very best wishes


As I read it, it has some limitations in flexibility of installation (not in subdirectory, manual user creation), but no limitations in functionality apart from not being able to send emails.

Are you the only one using your InvoiceNinja installation, and do you have an option to email invoices manually? Then there should be no problem (again, as I read the description on Github).


Thanks so much for your reply.

Yes, I have read that on GitHub today. I am the only user but I like the email function. I used to use Wave Accounting where everything is automated, something that invoiceninja4 does, hence my now reliance on it :frowning:

Oh well, maybe I should have a go at v5 and see how it goes, shame as I’ve only just managed to get the mobile app to work for v4 :slight_smile:

Thanks anyway. I should just give it a go and feedback to the developer my thoughts, he probably knows lardy!

All the very best


Did IN4 get broken or uninstalled?

I have a similar situation with FFSync, for browser synchronization. Its reliance on Python 2.x means that updates have been broken for a long time. There is a replacement in the makes (upstream), but I am afraid it will break for sure with the upgrade later to Yunohost 11. I might keep a small Yunohost running for FFSync.


No it has been pulled from the catalogue. Still works well

Don’t know


Well what a surprise that InvoiceNinja has been pulled! It has been installed on my server for a long time and one of my users keeps using it for his invoicing. How does one keep up with this? No update or alternative is offered just a cryptic email to root telling me that IN is dead!! How do you upgrade from v.4 to v.5 if v.5 does not work properly ? And will it import all the data from v.4? Nobody explains it. Apps for yunohost just get pulled like that? How can I run a reliable server which suddenly pulls apps ? Does the developer realise the damage he has done?
Migration from a well working app to a new version needs to be fully documented like in the IN website here:… but will this work on my yunohost server??
Yunohost is a great bit of software but one day ,will it be pulled like IN4??? Not reassuring … :shushing_face:

Yes, we don’t decide what upstream developers do with their apps …

However we did in the past support special migration to “upgrade” an app to the “new upstream”, while handling the migration properly, renaming stuff etc (for example with owncloud->nextcloud, which was a while ago, maybe zerobin->privatebin, that kind of situation)

So far from what I see there’s no such migration for invoiceninja(4)->invoiceninja5, but may be doable assuming some volunteers takes some time to work on it, and assuming that the upstream properly documented the migration procedure …

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So I’m the primary maintainer of IN4 and 5.

IN4 is still working and can be installed manually. It was pulled from the catalogue and replaced with IN 5 (personally I wouldn’t have pulled it as it still works…). I’ll try to update the app when new versions of IN4 get published.

That said: IN5 is working now and ready for usage, with many thanks to @ericg for helping me with getting it to work. See the announcement here: Invoice Ninja 5 ready for usage
It may be rough around the edges but I’m hoping you users will file issues with things that don’t work so we can fix them.

Migrating data from IN4 to IN5 worked for me multiple times now, using the documentation from here: Free Source Available Invoicing, Expenses & Time-Tracking | Invoice Ninja
Important: There’s no upgrade-path from 4 to 5 (the developers of IN did this on purpose) so you have to install IN5 alongside IN4 and then migrate the data.

If there are any questions or problems, feel free to ping me here. :slight_smile:


@rndmh3ro thank you so much for the work that you do for IN. It has become one of the main apps I use. I’m a sole trader and used to use Wave Accounts etc, but I wanted to self host my accounts as well as my mail, website and music etc.

I only just got the mobile app working :slight_smile:

I am the only user but reading the link I will need to either have a new domain to install to or can I use a subdomain such as accounts/, The old subdomain of cant be done. Yet. Also, the mail is not working. Yet. That’s the bit I really like…

So the path would be…

  • Backup (export) my IN4 accounts

  • Install IN5 on a new or subdomain

  • Import (restore) my IN4 accounts into IN5

  • Test

  • Once happy, delete the IN4 installation

Or backup my accounts data and just go for the migration?

Missed anything?

Appreciate your time in this project. Good work≥


Regarding the mail: you probably just have to configure it manually in the app. It should work then. I just hadn’t have time to test it.

Regarding the migration, the steps are:

  • have in4 working
  • install in5 on a subdomain, eg. does not work yet
  • follow the migration steps in in4 described in the docs. You basically have to tell in4 the url and credentials of your in5 installation and in4 will do the migration for you. No manually downloading and importing things.

@rndmh3ro understood…

I’ll give that a go and report back

Many thanks



I must be missing something.

I installed IN5. That went fine.
Opened IN4 started the migration.

  • Entered the domain OK

  • entered the credentials. (you are asked for email, password and API Secret (optional))
    These credentials have to be the same on both IN4 and IN5
    I get “Whoops looks like something went wrong”

If they have to be the same in both, at what point does IN5 get the credentials to compare them to IN4?

When I installed IN5. I used the admin for the domain and the same password as the account in IN4

Clearly, I’ve missed something

I’ll keep trying

all the best


NOTE: Whatever I do at the IN5 login page I get a 403: INVALID SECRET

If they have to be the same in both, at what point does IN5 get the credentials to compare them to IN4?

Did you change the credentials in IN5 to the same as in IN4? I don’t really know if there’s anything getting compared.

Please try logging in and migrating with the API_SECRET. You can find it in the settings-file on your server. For me it is in /etc/yunohost/apps/invoiceninja5/settings.yml. Called api_secret.

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