Invoice Ninja 5 ready for usage

Yeah, I know… I’d like some better way to mention this. A first way is to use the ynh documentation (thanks for the hint!). I’d also like to display this somewhere prominent after the installation (in a popup or something). I created an issue for this: Add proper documentation to yunohost homepage · Issue #15 · YunoHost-Apps/invoiceninja5_ynh · GitHub

I am new to yunohost, I don’t know yet how it works about app updates ? who is in charge of that ?

I am the main maintainer of the app. But since the app is opensource, anyone can update it. Invoiceninja is quite fast-moving and I only update in my spare time, so any help is welcome!

To update it, one has to:

  1. change the version in manifest.json
  2. change the version in the readme
  3. change the version and the sha256sum in src.

Then one has to create a PR and let it get tested (and manually test it, too). See an example here: Update to 5.3.60 by rndmh3ro · Pull Request #11 · YunoHost-Apps/invoiceninja5_ynh · GitHub

There are also some Github actions that automate this process and I created an issue to do this for invoiceninja, too: Create Github Action for automatic updates · Issue #14 · YunoHost-Apps/invoiceninja5_ynh · GitHub

Is it possible to use a different version from the one of the Yunohost catalog ? etc.

Yes, if you do the steps above and then install the app from the CLI (or your fork of the repo). But generally it’d be better to share the update.

I also have a second question: I tried to use the linux snap invoiceninja app, but I have the following error when trying to log in:

Error: please check that Invoice Ninja v5 is installed on the server

Is there a specific port config or network config that must be correctly set up in order to make the app work ? I have a few port errors (in IPv6 only) when I run a diagnosis.

IN only listens on http(s), port 443. No other ports necessary. Can you please open a new thread here in the forums with this issue?

And last: thanks for this great feedback!

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