Im want to help with packaging but need to learn


I’ve only used github to build a couple of sites with hugo, jekyll and netlify/github pages. And I would love to help with packaging/maintaining.
I really dont know enough anout coding other than I can usually break anything. But if someone can point me to documentation on how to do something. I learn best from audio/video stuff and trail and error. Even better if someone takes me under their wibg and tutors. But I understand that is a time consuming situation. But I am finding this whole ecosystem of Yunohost fascinating and want to know.
So can somebody please point me to what I need to know? Or if anybody wants a disciple I’m willing!

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Personnellement, j’ai cloné avec Gitea (sous Yunohost) example_ynh.
J’ai tenté l’installation d’un petit script en php de ma création !
yunohost app install gitea/…/monpackage.git
Sans succès, pour l’instant !
Il y a aussi des pages d’aide :
Il y a un risque de casser son instance !
Dommage que mon anglais soit :slight_smile:
Personally, I cloned with Gitea (under Yunohost) example_ynh.
I tried to install a small script in php of my creation!
yunohost app install gitea/…/monpackage.git
Without success, for the moment!
There are also help pages:
There is a risk of breaking his instance!
Too bad my English is :slight_smile:

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From experience, breaking stuff is one of the best way to learn - if you’re willing to take the time necessary to analyze (or guess) and attempt to fix it :stuck_out_tongue:

Trial and error is literally how I learned programming. I was too frustrated of willing to code (or at least modify existing programs) and only seeing those gibberish line of codes, so one day when I was young I decided “fuck it let’s change this number and see what it does” and 15 days later I’m maintaining YunoHost (and still have no idea what I’m doing anyway, ha !). One of the very first thing I did back in the day was to translate a game from English to French just by naively editing the .exe file with notepad xD.

Anyway, unfortunately there’s not yet any video tutorial on YunoHost packaging (though it’s been discussed here ?)

There are however various pages of documentation in here and you may start here :

One example of very simple application is anarchism_ynh (at least the old version) :

  • you might want to read the manifest.json
  • and the install script in the scripts/ folder

It basically just installs the anarchism package, which corresponds to some sort of manual about anarchism theory or whatever - and makes it available to an URL. So it’s a very basic static app

Then it all depends how familiar you are with command line and being able to install yourself an app “by hand”. We like to say that if you are able to install an app “by hand” (e.g. by following the official tutorial from, let’s say, wordpress) then you are pretty close to being able to package it as it’s ~pretty much putting all the steps in a bash script.

The best way to learn is to take an app that’s not already packaged (e.g look at the wishlist, see if there’s anything you’d like to have), try to install it by hand, and then create a first application for it. For example conversejs could be something nice to have :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyway, feel free to come chat with us and ask questions on the dev and apps chatrooms :

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Thank you both!
Im pretty used to sudo apt-get but i guess its not apt-get anymore. Just apt lol. I have installed apps by hand even compiled a driver or two. Havent spun up a kernel succesfully yet.
The thing Im not sure about is the directory tree.
Im thinking of cloning the Jitsi meet and codimd apps and packaging the mumble web client. Because I could really use those for podcast production.
There is also another app I want to try called Azurecast. Its similar to Libretime(Airtime) but much more mature and activily maintained. But it uses a docker image for debian.

Since I am on the road all week if I put Yunohost in a vm do I still ssh into through localhost? Or just go into it in the vm?
I will hit y’all up on the chat later today. Gotta get back to work.
Thank you again!

I cant wait to get on decent wifi (saturday at home). I’ll get a local test machine set up and try to get a couple of apps inatalled!
Until Im reading, reading, reading, etc.
Im trying to watch those vids on peertube but my 4g sucks in the southern US.
So, I read again and again, etc.
Is there any english speaking podcasts that talk about or have featured Yunohost? Im not finding any.

Well I got a test machine set up on virtual box and figured out how to do use the snapshots in it. But I cant get the machine to resolve the dns. I configured a domain of yunohost.packaging for the domain but I cant get it to open in the browser. The ip works just fine. Including the /etc/hosts file. But still to no avail.
Is the domain name that important or will I still be able to do stuff with just the ip?

Should I maybe blow away the install and try something with a different domain. ie unkleboneheadcant.code?

The /etc/hosts file to modify is the one on your laptop, not the one inside the virtual machine.

I tried that too. Still nothing.
Now it wont go to the ip.
During installation it kept telling me to go the “install software”…
I’ll blow it away and try redownloading the iso.

As-tu procédé selon cette méthode ?
Did you do it this way?


Im trying to re install and it keeps wanting me to install virtualbox-ose-guest-x11 on yunohost.
But when I do it fails and goes back to “install software” step.
Shouldnt that package be required on the virtual box itself?

2 solutions :
Install Stretch then Yunohost, or, even better:
Install the Yunohost image for Virtualbox, available [here] (
You must have Virtualbox installed before!

That is the image I was installing.
I installed the virtualbox guest additions then tried a third time and you know what they say?
Third times a charm! It worked. I’m in and playing around just like I’m on my real Yunohost server.

I’m on Ubuntu 18.04.2 so I’m guessing that you need the virtualbox guest additions. Docs for Yunohost says you dont but I did.

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