How to use caldav carddav with sogo with thunderbird & davx5


I am trying to find guideline to configure usage of caldav carddav in thunderbird or davx5.

I saw two topics already but they are old and unclear

I saw in /etc/ssowat/conf.json the part concerning sogo.sync_client
but the uris are

only the last one principals get me connected with my user account but then there is no contact or calendar available…

if I use the urls given in sogo there is none of them working.

Is it somekind of functionnality that works or not ?
Does someone use it at the moment ?


Hi! Yunohost’s SOGo sync works out of the box for carddav (didn’t test caldav but should work the same way) in Thunderbird for me.

  • File>New>CardDav Address Book…
  • Input your Yunohost Username in the first field
  • Input your Yunohost FQDN in the Location field ( in your example)

Et voila !

Thunderbird will ask you to choose wich address books you wish to synchronize.

Hi @Qprq

Thanks for your help and answer !

I have try to follow what works for you but sadly it doesn’t work for me
I have an error “unauthorized access” 405

The thing is that I host multiple domains and Sogo is installed on a sub-domain

So far I only succeed to connect by using the url but then there is no contact or calendar to match the user account there…

I am wondering if try to un-install and re-install sogo would I lost all email / contact / calendars content ?

You should first make a backup of the app and your data.

I would try to connecct Thunderbird to and if this doesn’t work, try to move SOGo to

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