How to upgrade to php7.4 in Yunohost?

How to upgrade to php7.4 in Yunohost? Please help php7.4 is faster then php7.0, and is much safer! Please help me.

You do not. You have to wait for each app to be upgraded and support PHP7.4.

Well… Thats very bad…

Check this out:

The attacker only needs to add “?a=” to the website address, followed by their payload.

If there’s a security vulnerability in a version of PHP (or a version of any language) then the default answer shouldn’t be “migrate all your code and setups to the newer version”. Debian and other distros can be expected to provide a patch for 7.0 in a reasonable amount of time considering Stretch still receives security updates.


I am curious about the actual CVE you wanted to link, you only linked the list of CVEs.

For example, according to Kinsta’s WordPress PHP benchmarks, PHP 7.4 processes more than triple the number of requests per second vs PHP 5.6.

Despite that huge difference, over 25% of WordPress sites are, unfortunately, still using PHP 5.6 or lower.

Why cant i use PHP 7.4 in yunohost?
I’m almost forced to switch to cpanel now

  • Because the default version shipped in Debian Stretch is 7.0
  • And the default version shipped in Debian Buster is 7.3
  • And the packager of the wordpress app so far used the default version shipped in Debian
  • But technically you could install wordpress using PHP 7.4 using Sury but that quickly becomes a technical mess
  • But yeah, if you’re the kind of person who care so much about having the brand-new-shinny-thing then yunohost is not for you and you should use cpanel or whatever, yes. Yunohost is focused on having things that just work out of the box with minimal complexity/technicality. Clearly we don’t really care about “tripling the number of requests per second” (also you mention benchmark for 5.6 vs 7.4, but what about php 7.3 vs. 7.4 ?) because
    • that assumes you have a super-busy website and you need the most performance out of your hardware and most admins don’t need that
    • you mentioned “safety”/security and CVE earlier but now you’re just talking about performances

Yes, because upgrading from one version to the other is not just a snap of a finger, just like quite a lot of things in computing unfortunately. It’s always a question of “is it worth the cost”.

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Thank you for the quick reply :heart_eyes:

So how do i update from Debian 9 to 10 Yunohost on my server without loseing any data?

PHP 7.3 is okay for me

c.f. YunoHost 4.0 (Buster) release / Sortie de YunoHost 4.0 (Buster) …

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