How to update grocy?


I’m a beginner with Yunohost, and I tried to update my Grocy App from 4.0.0~ynh3 to 4.0.1~ynh1.
However, when the update completed, grocy webview just showed a barcode when opened. I looked on grocy’s guide and found that I needed to do this in order to upgrade :

* Check `config-dist.php` for new configuration options and add them to your `data/config.php` where appropriate (the default values from `config-dist.php` will be used for not in `data/config.php` defined settings)
* Empty the `data/viewcache` directory

I tried to access those file using the command line but couldn’t find them.

As I said, I’m a beginner so any help would really be appreciated. Thank you !

If you have an ssh access to your server, connect to it.

rm -r /var/www/grocy/data/viewcache/*

This should empty the data/viewcache directory.
I doubt there is anything to do for config.php, the package should have taken care of it.

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It worked, thank you so much for your answer !

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