How to send a mail whith an other domain (not controlled by the ynh instance)


Since Yunohost 2.7.2 there is a security to avoid users to be able to send email as another ynh users. For example toto@ynh-domain.tld can’t send an email titi@ynh-domain.tld if this users already exists.

See here for details about this change :

This security improvement is a good idea, but before I was able to send email as president@arn.tld, and now I get “Sender address rejected: not owned by user xxxxx”. But I am the user behind this mail I just want use my own smtp to send it because ARN don’t give me a smtp account to do it.

So I have found a simple solution:

  • Firstly I have added the domain arn.tld to my ynh instance (I hadn’t changed dns of arn.tld)
  • Next I have added the alias president@arn.tld on my ynh account
  • Finally I have removed the domain arn.tld

And now I am able to send email as president@arn.tld with my ynh smtp server :slight_smile:

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Hello @lfj,

Do you still use this tip on current YunoHost version ?