How to mask the Yunohost logo at the bottom right?

In some appplications, like Owncloud for example, the home logo for Yunohost at the bottom right is a hindrance. Is there a proper way to remove it or to mask it?

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I plan to make it “draggable”, so you can move it elsewhere.

Thanks opi. Alternatively, it could fade away “on mouse long stay”.
For now, I’ll go with a dirty CSS display:none.

today i try to reduce the button in the bottom right because in the android is too big.
so i find where is the code to change, now is perfect with chromium browser and firefox,but in android still a little big.
Any one knows where to look to reduce for small ecrans.
the file is ynhpanel.css

this is what i changed:

******************************************************************* */
#ynhportal {
display: block;
position: fixed;
z-index: 10000000;
bottom: 51px;
right: 20px;
width: 10px;
height: 10px;
padding: 7px;
border: 7px solid #41444f;
border-radius: 100px;
background: #41444f;

@olho You can probably use some Media Queries:

It allows you to set different CSS rules for different screen resolutions.

Yes i check and i see the css rules and i try to change but not changed in the android. Well, for now is perfect! :smile:

Hello all,
After upgrade, the logo is draggable ! You can even drag it out of the window :smile:
Thanks (@opi ?)

:scream: yes
It looks so cute.
:smile: :smile: :smile:

you’re welcome, glad you like it !!

The link to logo don’t work after I have changed the portal domain in conf.json.persistent.
"portal_domain": "random.domain.tld"
The main domain is set to domain.tld but the link don’t take me back to the home page now :frowning:

The link is created here : , and is basically a link to “/yunohost/sso”, no matter the current domain. Maybe SSOwat is not ready for a proper portal_domain change. I’ve never tested it out.

Note, you may use the bugtracker for reporting issues

Hey everybody

I would like to hide or turn off this bottom right logo, because I host a public website on my YNH (with

Can I hide the logo only for this app ?

Thanks !


I think you can edit the config file, should be something like /etc/nginx/conf.d/your.domain.tld.d/my_webapp.conf, then comment the line related to ynhpanel.js, and reload nginx :wink:


It works thanks a lot!

Beware on update the logo will come again.


Any idea of a way to turn it off automatically after updates ?

You can have a look there : YunoHost switch box in the lower right side blocks apps UI elements

On my side, I commented everything in /etc/nginx/conf.d/
So the js is not even present in the pages.

I’ll see if this is overrided when YunoHost is updated

It was months ago and no update broke it :slight_smile:

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It will disable the panel for every panel

admin@the:/etc/nginx/conf.d $ sudo mv
admin@the:/etc/nginx/conf.d $ sudo touch

it worked and it was so easy!!!
thank you! :black_heart:

You can use the following command to remove the overlay:

yunohost settings set ssowat.panel_overlay.enabled -v False