How to make LDAP work to external (nextcloud) server?

Question, I currently have a ynh setup on one server, and a nextcloud all-in-one on another server. My goal is to utilize the ynh ldap server for the nc aio server so i can use the users form that server to log in to the nextcloud instance on the other server. I have opened the relevant ports and can reach that port (389), after filling in the configuration in nextcloud i can’t seem to make a connection.

I have bound the interface on so it should be reachable from the outside, i also get a configuration ok when testing base DN.

sudo ss -tulpn | grep 389
tcp   LISTEN 0      1024               *    users:(("slapd",pid=978145,fd=8))                                                                                                       

Note that the password line is empty here, i can’t seem to find a password in any config, so i left it empty. I noticed that local host doesn’t require a password to connect. It seems that i have to make/set a password for external connection?

When i switch to the users or login attributes tab i have no information to select and the drop down menus aren’t able to be selected. In these tabs i get a ‘could not connect to LDAP’. I’ve checked the slapd config and NC config on ynh server (which connects to local host) but couldn’t find anything to point me in the right direction. At the moment i’m kinda stuck and require some assistance as i’m not that familiar with LDAP, so any help is welcome. Thanks in advance!

As far as I know yunohost ldap server doesn’t allow external access, it only allows localhost that’s why there is no password

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I have set it to, but it stil isn’t showing anything else.

The LDAP query provided in the ynh docs didn’t seem to do anything aswell. Still can’t select anything from the drop downs etc.