How to host YunoHost to wifi hotspot for local community

I want to host YunoHost to Hotspot like Piratebox is hosted.

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You can have a look at the hotspot_ynh and piratebox_ynh apps from La Brique Internet (you will need a wifi antenna obviously)

I am using Piratebox as hotspot but I want to host all the apps to to wifi hotspot.
This is because of two reasons

  1. Not all people have internet.
  2. If they even have internet its not that fast for app like Nextcloud.

So, you want people to connect to your hotspot, then be able to type in their browser and be able to access yunohost ?

I think that should be possible with just the hotspot_ynh app, then people going to your server local ip with their browser…

Though directly using the IP isn’t gonna work (the SSO don’t like it / can’t handle it…). So you need to find some way to define a domain via a local DNS or something like it, or to ask people to tweak their /etc/hosts (which is a bit technical :/)

Maybe domains in .local can easily work because without any required configuration. That works with the ‘Bonjour protocol’ thing. (Not sure if that’s clear :stuck_out_tongue: )

Yes, I want that or some other way so that people not having internet can connect and have email,blogs,file sharing without using internet.

I tried that but its not working with ip.[quote=“Aleks, post:4, topic:3773”]
Maybe domains in .local can easily work because without any required configuration. That works with the ‘Bonjour protocol’ thing. (Not sure if that’s clear :stuck_out_tongue: )

You mean adding domains like domain.local and then using it on hotspot? But this will defeat the purpose as I want email,blogs service working without the internet (that means email can be sent and received without internet) and on the internet for those who have the internet.
Opening my WiFi modem would mean that my internet connection would be used by people which I don’t want.

Hm okay… Not sure to understand entirely the setup and use case, but I think, if you want to have a unique domain both accessible in “purely-local-network” and from Internet, then you need to have this domain :

  • properly configured on the global DNS
  • a local DNS automatically used by people connecting to your hotspot, which resolve yourdomain.tld to the corresponding local IP.

First point is easy. Second point is less. Probably DNS masq can be configured to serve that purpose but that’s beyong my knowledge :confused:

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Or maybe there’s a way to have a hack to reverse-proxy “yourdomain.tld” by “yourdomain.local” ?

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I was exactly thinking that. You read minds. I will have to test it. And what about the certificate errors?

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For the local domain ? Hm :confused: Well you won’t be able to get a valid certificate for a .local domain… Is it realistic to ask people to add an HTTP exception for the self-signed certificate ?

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New here. I’ve been looking around for solutions to create my own micro mesh isp and hosting although I haven’t found the perfect open source solution here is some of what I’ve found so far:

Village Telco

“Intranet DNS on yunohost”

Internet cube

Maybe someone has found something better or can customize Yunohost with a script or package.

These also looked interesting and may be helpful Digital Library Project

Lime Net Lime SDR

Internet In a box captive portal

While doing some more research I came across:

I should be able to use a captive portal to avoid users typing https://yunohost.local and if needed add instructions.