Intranet and yunohost

Hello everyone
I am setting up an intranet with yunohost for internal use in my house.

I’m going to install Peertube, kiwix, wordpress, mumble-server and mastodon.

This system will not be public, because it can only be accessed through my wifi.

I am thinking internal DNS server. What can I use? Is there a program with a web interface that allows you to configure the DNS server records?


Welcome! If you are OK with using .local domains, they are setup automatically over the network. Reference: Domains, DNS conf, and certificate | Yunohost Documentation

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no, I need more domains ans subdomains. It’s a little internet, but complete

I’m using a VM running yunohost at home besides my yunohost server.
I have set up a fake domain called ‘home.up’ in the yunohost administration.
In all my computers and smartphones I added a line to the hosts file like this home.up
And I have added a subdomain ‘r.home.up’ to the domains of yunohost and added another line to the hosts file r.home.up
It’s working.
You can test it.


with adguardhome you can rewrite dns request
you need to have the adguardhome server set as your dns server by dhcp (or else)

then you can create any domains and subdomains and redirect them to the right server in adguardhome with redirections

I use pi-hole’s Local DNS options. I have it installed on a different machine (ZeroPi NanoPi or something like that).

I guess it’s very similar to adguardhome.

tnx, but I thinks that webmin is better.
I need DNS records type A, SRV, TXT and CNAME. Pihole is not enought fo that

Yunohost already includes a dnsmasq, that can be used as a DNS resolver.

If you plug an antenna on your server, you can install hotspot_ynh and the local resolver will be used on this wifi. You might need to run yunohost tools regenconf dnsmasq after plugging the antenna.

If you want to access the resolver through ethernet, you should add interface=eth0 (or the good interface name) to /etc/dnsmasq.conf and open the firewall on 53 port. BE SURE TO NOT OPEN 53 ON YOUR ROUTER. WIth this technique you can next configure this resolver (the ip of your server, to make your router distribute it with DHCP. Howevere, if your server is broken, your domain name resolution will be broken on all your network.

In /etc/dnsmasq.d/ all the domain you added to yunohost should be correctly configured.

Note: with this setup you won’t be able to generate Let’s Encrypt certificate thanks to yunohost.


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