How to enable pop3 in YunoHost?

yunohost is a great project, huge thanks to the developpers team !

I have a fully working yunohost instance, but I have noticed that pop3 protocol is not enabled, only IMAP seems to be.
How to enable pop3 support in yunohost?
(i have tried to open port 995 in the yunohost firewall section, but this doesn’t help)

best regards

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I have installed pop3d
apt-get install dovecot-pop3d

modified /etc/dovecot/dovecot.conf
protocols = imap sieve pop3s pop3
added these lines
protocol pop3 { login_executable = /usr/lib/dovecot/pop3-login mail_executable = /usr/lib/dovecot/pop3 }
(not sure that one was useful)

I have also opened port 110 and 995 in the firewall section.

and finaly restart dovecot
service dovecot restart

It works, but did I miss ( /or add) something important (/useless)?

any help would be greatly appreciated

Thanks for the tip about pop3d.
Y have had to install it yesterday on a Yunohost 2.7.7 and it work like a charm.
I did not put that line and it seams to be OK:

So to enable pop3d, as you did I have
# apt-get install dovecot-pop3d

and modified /etc/dovecot/dovecot.conf to add

protocols = imap sieve pop3s pop3

and open port 995 (no need for port 110)
# yunohost firewall allow TCP 995

and finaly restart dovecot
# service dovecot restart

Thanks again because it helped me allot! :pray:

I have already issues to receive the mails with this method. Pherhaps is not a good idea with the last yunohost configuration ?

Sorry, I forget to use pop3 and come back to default configuration. It was for trying Discourse app, but I remove it and try Flarum wich is lighter and more stable app for a forum.

lighter is right, but most stable is really unfair to Discourse.

I agree with you. In fact, Flarum is enough for the usage we need and it was more easy to install without this hack which need to configure pop3 protocol. But I am sure Discourse is better and more stable and efficient.