How long is supposed to last the dd command?

Hi again.
I decided to neglect this since I didn’t know what happened: Raspberry Pi’s image SHA512 doesn’t match

I tried to proceed to the image installaton anyway, so I used the command
sudo dd if=.../YunoHost_v251_rpi.img of=/dev/mmcblk0
You said it migh take some minutes, but it has been running for an hour now and I still don’t have the prompt?
Is there something wrong? Can I stop it?

I think you can stop this command (CTRL+C), there is too much point: …/

You should remove one point or 2 it depends if the “YunoHost_v251_rpi.img” file is in the directory or in the parent directory.

The points replaced the actual adress with my real name.

After two hours, I stopped the command with Ctrl+c, and I suppose it was OK.