Help needed: How to replace Yunohost Logo everywhere?


I would like in a new post as requested in a very old post about how to replace Yunohost Logo everywhere in apps and admin?

If I understood properly we need to do that from NGINX and remove a line but is there another clean way?


Linking to said post would be nice.

Anyhow, our theming documentation should be able to you: Customize the appearance of the user portal | Yunohost Documentation

Hi @tituspijean
Thanks for the reply and also reminder :slight_smile:

This is the link of the old post: [Résolu] Enlever logo Yunohost

I will check the link you posted, thanks!

Note that the thread you linked refers to removing the logo. Now we have a global setting for that in the webadmin. No need to tweak NGINX files.

If you want to replace the logo with another, then check the theming doc.

Thanks for letting me know!

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