Help for packaging Open Streaming Platform


I recently found out about a web app named Open Streaming Platform, which aims to be a free software, self-hosted replacement for Twitch and similar livestream platforms. The installation instructions seem straightforward, as the app is based on Nginx natively and there’s even a Docker image available; however, the web app depends upon a Nginx module to enable RTMP, which I’m not sure would be supported on Debian-stable. What would be the safest way to install the required module via Yunohost, and which cautions should I take to avoid issues with specific versions of Debian?

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HI @csolisr ,

@ljf draw my attention to your post
(Sorry, in French… most of the time my posts are in English! (Serveur de live streaming sur nginx+rtmp. Expérience ? Avec YNH?)

I am looking gor an open source and simple live streaming solution. What you mention seems to be interesting.
In fact, I was looking a solution based on RTMP protocle.

Regarding you question about this application on Debian, let me share this answer from @Aleks (my humble translation from French into English)

the nginx module which has to be installed is not available in the Stretch distribution. although it is available in the tretch-backports : .
It is necessary to install the stretch-backports on the server ( a new hack = one more risk but it should be OK). :wink:

Let me share your post in my (French-speaking) communauté :slight_smile:
Have a fun time and take care :slight_smile:

See you, José from France.

I thought I should mention that PeerTube, which is availabe on Yunohost, is capable of doing livestreaming. It is better than the open streaming platform or Owncast because it uses webtorrent in order to distribute the server load over the network.