Help for packaging Open Streaming Platform

I recently found out about a web app named Open Streaming Platform, which aims to be a free software, self-hosted replacement for Twitch and similar livestream platforms. The installation instructions seem straightforward, as the app is based on Nginx natively and there’s even a Docker image available; however, the web app depends upon a Nginx module to enable RTMP, which I’m not sure would be supported on Debian-stable. What would be the safest way to install the required module via Yunohost, and which cautions should I take to avoid issues with specific versions of Debian?

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HI @csolisr ,

@ljf draw my attention to your post
(Sorry, in French… most of the time my posts are in English! (Serveur de live streaming sur nginx+rtmp. Expérience ? Avec YNH?)

I am looking gor an open source and simple live streaming solution. What you mention seems to be interesting.
In fact, I was looking a solution based on RTMP protocle.

Regarding you question about this application on Debian, let me share this answer from @Aleks (my humble translation from French into English)

the nginx module which has to be installed is not available in the Stretch distribution. although it is available in the tretch-backports : .
It is necessary to install the stretch-backports on the server ( a new hack = one more risk but it should be OK). :wink:

Let me share your post in my (French-speaking) communauté :slight_smile:
Have a fun time and take care :slight_smile:

See you, José from France.