GoToSocial vs Pleroma

My YunoHost server

Hardware: Raspberry Pi at home
YunoHost version:
I have access to my server : Through SSH | through the webadmin
Are you in a special context or did you perform some particular tweaking on your YunoHost instance ? : no
If your request is related to an app, specify its name and version: pleroma 2.5.5~ynh2

Description of my issue

This is not a real issue but a request for an advice.

I installed pleroma on my raspberry some years ago choosing it because at these times mastodon had some problems with arm architecture.

But I really don’t like pleroma and mastodon is too heavy for a single user like my use on a little raspberry with many other services running.

So I ask:

  • what could I use instead of it? Gotosocial?
  • gotosocial can import an account from pleroma?
  • any other?
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  1. my personal gotosocial server is my main account for more than a year. Lightweight, great support here by @OniriCorpe and great community upstream too. You can use it with many fediverse clients, but it depends also how well the client integrates the API/connection to your server. Tusky, Pinafore, Tuba, Panphy,… work fine in my experience
  2. not yet, gotosocial will add account migration feature in the near future
  3. … IDK

It has many settings to optimize/minimize memory and other resources use


Not sure if this will help or further complicate your issues, but maybe check out Firefish too?

At one time I would have recommended Friendica, but I have had so many issues with getting it to federate with other Fedi instances, I’m not sure I would now. Even “stock” (non-Yunohost) Friendica (tested through has trouble, but it seems the YNH version has issues on top of that.

I recommend installing whatever you choose on a test domain first, just to see if everything works as it should (notwithstanding anything that needs an internet connection, of course).
I tried Friendica, Pleroma and Epicyon last winter and I’m sure you can find my adventures in frustration via my forum profile… :slight_smile:

Following on from this, I’m giving Streams a try – so far it’s really good :slight_smile: Like all the best bits of Friendica blended with bits of Hubzilla (nomadic identities, add-on apps, “cloud”-like file hosting). It’s faintly reminiscent of Calckey/Hubzilla too.
Give Streams a try. :slight_smile:

Cannot find any kind of documentation about streams, could you point me to something?

Honestly, I don’t think there’s a lot out there.

  • Streams is related to Hubzilla, so there is a mention of it here in the Hubzilla FAQs, and I imagine a lot of the Hubzilla documentation also applies to Streams… I just can’t say which parts or to what extent…
  • The source code is here.
  • There is some in-app documentation which is only available once you’re logged in to an instance… but that’s very sparse and just explains what features are, like a dictionary.
  • There’s also this discussion group, which you can join — sign in to your Streams, connect with them – either via the ‘Join’ link on their page or by searching for them from your instance – and then write a post on their page once the on-screen notification says it “welcomes” you. Your post then waits for approval.

(Edited to remove my original suggestion that you do it from a different fediverse server.)

It’s in French and quite outdated (contribution welcome :wink: ), but I made a collaborative pad to compare the main fediverse microblogging softwares : Logiciels de microblogging du fediverse : comparaison des fonctionnalités - HedgeDoc

Appart from the need of a lightweight, ARM-compatible software, you don’t really know much about what use case you have :slight_smile:
What’s the issue with Pleroma ? Is it the UI (then could you install Mastodon-FrontEnd instead ?), the server administration, … ?

Considering its current status (development mostly on hold for months), I would wait before investing into Firefish. Some forks such as Iceshrimp are promising.


With pleroma I have an unsolved bug which stops to receive notifications: I have always a 500 error.

And more, often the server does not respond and I cannot understand which log to look at.

Hm, did not know about that. Thanks!

(Off topic: Is it just me or has fast forking and abandoning of projects increased in the past few years?)

From what I understand, Firefish is a fork of Calckey, which itself is a fork of Misskey.

The founder of Firefish has apparently been away for a while, and didn’t give merging rights to other main contributors. Firefish’s code base has been frozen, and been plagued with issues. One of the contributors consequently left the project and started the Catodon fork.

But I’m not sure any of the Misskey forks are a good fit for a single-board computer. I doubt that they’re any lighter than Pleroma/Akkoma.

I recently installed Epicyon on my server (there’s a Yunohost package). It’s supposedly designed to run well on single-board computers. Personally I found its UI rather clunky, and some details annoyed me (line spacing for example). I then learned about the Mangane frontend for Pleroma/Akkoma, I’m pretty happy with it so far.

There are quite a few interesting projects for single-user instances, but they’re not packaged for Yunohost.

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Streams is also related to Friendica and Zap, and one or two others. They all started with the same code base started by original developer Mike Macgirvin. It’s very confusing why he started so many projects to discard them later. One very interesting feature of Zap and maybe Streams, is nomadic identity (an account can be cloned between Zap instances), it’s a pity this feature isn’t offered by other projects.

Ktistec and could be interesting, but they’re not packaged for Yunohost. Also the former is programmed in an obscure language (Crystal).

They are good enough for a potato computer (as a server, the client is quitte heavy on your web browser).
Pleroma/Akkoma are a bit lighter, but not by much. Gotosocial being even lighter, but it’s also only a server and you need an extra client.
And it’s an order of magnitude lower than Mastodon anyway.

That’s a great one indeed.

Are they in the wishlist ? :slight_smile:

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What are your thoughts on Takahe?

Too hard to package for Yunohost for now, because it’s docker only.
Also quite young to show its potential for now, in my view.

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Sorry, I haven’t checked the wishlist. One was Takahé, already mentioned. I find Ktistec very interesting, but it’s still lacking features. And I found out last week about another minimalistic multiuser instance, snac.

I don’t see any advantage in those minimalistic server alternatives if they don’t provide more features than Gotosocial.
Gotosocial is there, it’s very lightweight (there is really few hardware where you would went a lighter software), it’s working great, no need to search for another alternative not packaged yet and so on.

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This would be a personal problem but the lack of the account migration in gotosocial for me is a big problem.

Isn’t that on the todo list ? I can’t remember :thinking: