GoToSocial vs Pleroma

here is planned for the early 2024 so I hope so!

Cool :slight_smile:
And considered how advanced it is, I would not trust any younger, smaller project to reach its status anytime soon, feature-wise in the “minimalist, server-only” category, I don’t think there will be a better option in the near future…

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An explanation about why the moving feature is not implemented yet: Post by GoToSocial (

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Please remember that my reply is just for the sake of argument, as I’m no longer looking for an alternative for now. :grinning:

For one thing, GoToSocial has no web UI, and for me that’s quite a big disadvantage. I’m currently (but grudgingly) back on using an Android phone, but for more than a year I was using a Linux phone, and there was no usable app. Tuba may have improved since then, but having to rely on a third-party solution to access the GTS server is not ideal IMHO.

For another thing, and not considering the required packaging & maintenance work, in typical Linux philosophy, having more choice is always a good thing. :smile:

I do appreciate that all this work needs to be done by someone, and I’m very grateful to you and all the Yunohost volunteers.

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