Get Mumble going

So I installed Mumble server and Mumble webclient, both on the same domain.
But now I have some troubles moving forward: what are the next steps?

I tried setting a SuperUser password, but that didn’t seem to work.
I did not receive an email with login credentials after the installation finished.

Are there people here with some tips on what the next 3 steps are after installing Mumble?


Hi, as I recall you must get a the admin password via mail.

I reinstalled just to check for this… but no cigar…
How can I check if mail is working properly? Could it be that missing DNS records for the main domain are the culprit?

Some DNS records are missing or incorrect for domain MAINDOMAIN (category mail)

And is there a way to set the password if I can’t for some reason receive this email?

And is there a way to set the password if I can’t for some reason receive this email?

look at this file : /var/www/mumbleserver/mumble-server.ini around L.130

Yes! Got it; I am now logged in as Admin. Thnx @ericg

But now what? Is the idea that now any user with an account on my Yunohost instance can start using Mumble?

Tbh: I was hoping that I could use this a bit like Jitsi; audio-chat with people w/o the need to register an account…

yeah, make sure you mail is working. Not sure what your set up looks like, but that message probably indicate miss configuration.

Got it. You can enable this in the .ini file.

To modify the ini file you can use $ sudo nano /var/www/mumbleserver/mumble-server.ini

In there there are these lines that you have to modify:

; To enable public server registration, the serverpassword must be blank, and
; this must all be filled out.
; The password here is used to create a registry for the server name; subsequent
; updates will need the same password. Don't lose your password.
; The URL is your own website, and only set the registerHostname for static IP
; addresses.
; Only uncomment the 'registerName' parameter if you wish to give your "Root" channel a custom name.

In the meanwhile I only wonder about this notification:

Server does not support WebRTC,

Are there benefits to solving this?

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