FreshRSS / Webserver configuration for using mobile app


I am trying to use the new FreshRSS android reader app ( to access to my FreshRSS / Yunohost subscriptions.

But I can’t connect from this app because it seems my yunohost webserver is not properly tune.

Indeed when I goes to {URLBASE}/api/greader.php/check/compatibility, it says “FAIL get HTTP Authorization header! Wrong Web server configuration.” (see at

What should I do to correct my webserver configuration? Is it possible with Yunohost?

Thanks in advance for your help !


For the Android App FreshRSS, the solution was to modify the file ./data/config.php pour changer la variable
'base_url' => 'adresse_of_my_server//rss',
with 'base_url' => '',

This solution does not work for me (I am on raspberry with yunohost stable).

I changed the line in ./data/config.php but the same error remains, either on “FreshRSS API endpoints” page either on Easyrss (it says login and password not valid).

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