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i think this is the 5th failed installation for the say. :face_holding_back_tears:
here’s the log.

as always, any help is more than welcome.

What do you mean?

It looks like it does not like your password. Can you try with only alphanumeric characters?
Does your current password have special characters?
It’s mainly an issue with Bash variables parsing. :confused:

sorry, just that it’s the 5th app i try to install today, but fail to.
missing context, my bad.

ok, it happened with another app as well, so i guess it is an issue related to yunohost then? or it might be that many apps don’t like that specific special character?
just trying to understand as a reference for future installations. eheh!

and you were right btw.
new password and it all worked. thanks. :heart:

I have 2 questions
1- How not to loose every additional installed extensions each time I upgrade Flarum ?
2- What is the command line procedure on yunohost to install properly them ?

composer require vendor/extension

don’t work, I do

sudo su
cd /var/www/$app
sudo -u $app php7.4 composer.phar require vendor/extension

1- Hello, by keeping posted on Do not remove all extensions while upgrading · Issue #168 · YunoHost-Apps/flarum_ynh · GitHub, hopefully I’ll find how to fix that someday.

2- “Don’t work” is quite useless. Share the outputs of the command.

bash: composer : commande introuvable

That is not the command shown on the first post and neither the one at the end of your first message. :confused:

This should work.

To update flarum i follow the steps shown in the official flarum documentation and updates work great without losing any extension. YNH update system is a bit confused about that but i just ignore the flarum updates it wants to perform.

Thanks, I succeed upgrading with your solution.
any way to remove flarum upgrade proposition from webadmin to prevent mistakes (it stills in 1.6.2) ?


Does this mean that all the extensions need to be installed again. I believe the settings are stored in the database, so it doesn’t requires for setting up all the extensions again, right?

By installed Flarum through Yunohost, we can still change the composer.json file, in order to set the flarum core version, right?

Yes, no worries. It’s a bit clearer in the ADMIN.md file of the app, I have updated the forum post.

You could to add extensions, but should not for upgrading the core. The core version is set by the upgrade script of YunoHost.

Thanks very much for your reply, and Updating the forum post.

Just want to share with what I did.

I have copy and pasted the following part in my flarum site( all but this line “tituspijean/flarum-ext-auth-ldap”: “*” )

“require”: {


and past in the config.php in the yunohost file.

Then run

sudo -u flarum php8.0 composer.phar update --prefer-dist --no-plugins --no-dev -a --with-all-dependenciesphp

and it worked to downgrade flarum from 1.8 to 1.4.

However, as the docs in the flarum site, after update, to run the following commands:

composer update --prefer-dist --no-plugins --no-dev -a --with-all-dependencies
php flarum migrate
php flarum cache:clear

I don’t know how to run the second and third. However, after I import database.

My site is migrate to Yunohost. I have made a post, and it worked. So Yay! :star_struck: One step closer to move my sites to Yunohost server.

Can anyone tell me how to run these command in Yunohost for flarum?

flarum migratephp 
flarum cache:clear

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Be careful while quoting commands, this can become disastrous.

sudo yunohost app shell flarum
# Will load Flarum's environment in a new shell
php composer.phar update --prefer-dist --no-plugins --no-dev -a --with-all-dependencies
php flarum migrate
php flarum cache:clear

Next time, for such a non-standard request (install, downgrade, upgrade), open a dedicate thread. :slight_smile: