[FIXED] SSO / NextCloud fail

Hi all,

after a long time running, I’m currently not able anymore to log in on Nextcloud: the SSO fails. When trying to access the app, I’m stuck at the Nextcloud login page, all services are not reachable (Contacts, agenda…). I can’t remember exactly which one, but I disabled 1/2 Nextcloud apps which looked absolutely harmless (I thinks about something like ldap…). Anyway, I’m stuck out of my Nextcloud iinstance. Is there anything I can do except reinstall it? Logs don’t show anything BTW.

Any help appreciated.


As you now have seen, the ldap plugin is harmless but… mandatory for SSO! :wink:

However, you can revive your Nextcloud instance with the CLI like this:
cd /var/www/nextcloud && sudo -u nextcloud php console.php app:enable user_ldap

Hope it helps!

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It certainly did: everything is back. Thanks a lot. Next time I’ll turn my finger 7 times on my touchpad before disabling a plugin.

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