Ethernet not working on cloned Debian 11 with Yunohost

Hi. I bought Mini PC Asrock X300 with AMD Ryzen 7 5700G and I want to use it as a server with Yunohost. I cloned drive from old Mini PC (with Intel i5-6500t CPU) with Clonezilla (this drive has Debian 11 with Yunohost). System on cloned disk is booting, but Ethernet is not working - even light are not blinking. I have even installed backported Linux Kernel 6.1, but this is still not working.

Ethernet on Asrock x300: Realtek RTL8111/8168/8411. Ethernet on HP 800 Mini G3 (old Mini Pc): Intel

I think drivers for Ethernet controller are installed, because lshw -class network shows driver version (the same as Linux Kernel version).

Can someone help me?

Can’t help without any actual detail of what is going wrong, and anyway this sound like a general, low-level Linux issue and not a Yunohost-specific issue …

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If both your old and new PCs are on the same network at the same time, and have identical static addresses defined, that is likely to cause problems… could that be the case?
Otherwise to investigate hardware handling by linux, I would look into the usual kernel logs journalctl -k -p 3 or get a networking status with ip link show, ip address show and nmcli networking connectivity check… outputs of these commands should give you clues…

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Hi, can you post this output (in root) ?

dmesg | egrep 'fail|error|firmw|ethernet'

Have you got installed the firmware package ?

cf Debian -- Details of package firmware-realtek in bullseye

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the cloned yunohost sticks to the


installed. so get your new interfaces with

ls /sys/class/net

and switch the new interfaces.
hope that helps, good luck

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Yes. I had name mismatch in /etc/network/interfaces file. Ethernet interface in old computer has enp01 name for Eth interface, but new computer has enp2s0. I had to change the name and now everything is working.

Thank you all for help.

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