Downgrading to 2.7

Some days ago, I posted this question, for which sadly no one was able to find an answer. After days of reinstalling and trying to fix it in all ways possible, I think things might fix themselves if I try to install the 2.7; unfortunately, I’ve been unable to find the file. Could some kind soul send a link?


Please don’t do this …

Even if that might work (and that’s not even sure) it is not a good idea to do a fresh installation of 2.x now. 2.x will get more and more deprecated and you will just end up having to reinstall to 3.x for things to run smoothly. This is not the right way to fix an app issue :confused:

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Ok, thank you for your advice, I’ll keep trying to make verion 3.0 work :p. I was just a bit frustrated about everything, I guess

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