Donate to YunoHost!

We finally released our donation interface :tada: !

If you want to financially support the project, you can donate on this interface :yum:

The interface is based on the Transpay software from the awesome people of @TransPosees and is available as a Yunohost app.


Wonderful work, well done all.

A request on feedback: The budget page is linked on the main donation page:

Please share whether this helps you understand the financial needs of the project. Also, what else could be shared to help make clear how money is being used? Anything else goes, feedback is really appreciated.

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Hmmm, if I call https://transpay.transposé in the browser I’m landing on a funkwhale instance?!? Where could I read more about the app?

We from Human Connection would also be interested in such a thing, since we are also based on donations…

I just donated and would be happy to do so on a regular basis.
But would it be possible for you to send me invoices including VAT? This way I can pay from my company account.


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Uuuh they might have some issues with their web server and certificates, idk. Anyway maybe is a better ref

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We probably are able to create a “donation receipt” that you can use as an accounting document. We just need your information to do that.

In which country is your company ? If it’s a french company, we have not yet discussed about producing “fiscal receipt” in order to let people to reduce their tax (60%) or the company to do it (0,5%). We should probably do some paper work to do it without risk.


I tried to find the information in the contributors meetings, or in the project organization repo, but I could not. To be sure you can edit such donation receipt, you need the association to be recognized by the tax administration as being for general interest (see here, in French), is it the case?

Basically you could edit any receipt, but to be on the safe side you should have confirmation from the administration that the association can have this status.

Edit: I don’t feel like spamming everyone since I’m slightly out of topic. I stand corrected by @ljf below :wink:

It is always possible to edit donation receipts. You have to distinguish between a tax receipt and a donation receipt. A tax receipt allows you to obtain a tax deduction, a donation receipt just proves in an account that you have made a donation to an association that is not necessarily of general interest.

An association that meets the general interest criteria logically has the right to issue tax receipts for tax reductions BUT it is safer if the association (or an association of the same type) makes a rescript to the tax office. It will then be necessary to allow a maximum of 6 months to issue tax receipts without risk (the time of the administration’s response).

Sorry if my translation is not correct, i am not familiar with accounting vocabulary…


thanks Team

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Avec cette fin de semaine la transaction sera effective lundi 28 dans la journée.
Néanmoins c’est fait !
Merci à toute l’équipe :slight_smile:


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Le rib que vous avez mis sur le bouton bank transfer correspond à un compte épargne. Or les virements ne sont autorisés que vers des comptes banquaires. Du coup vous auriez un compte courant où je pourrais mettre en place un virement pour éviter les différents frais des autres solutions que vous proposez?

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