Does yunohost work with hetzner-dns api?


Hi there,
i’m searching for an home-serversystem, that serve for my family and me. For this it’s quite important to use the DNS that may help my family to go to the url’s for the several services. Therefor it was important that there is a service, that adds automaticly the DNS-Settings from yunohost to a dns-registrar. Here in Germany it were a great success if there is a registrar, that could be work with yunohost. So i found an article where a survey was created to select these registrars. Here was listed / .
So i could use the dns-api and setup the api-token in yunohost that itself could create/alter/delete dns-settings.
I think that i install maybe a service and in this installation process the dns-entries were setup automaticly, without any doing by me.

Is this possible to do so? And if yes, what are the dependencies that could worked in this way maybe a special router (pfsense, opnsense … ) and what else…?
Thanks in advance.

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YunoHost relies on Lexicon for its auto-DNS feature, and Hetzner is listed in there. So hopefully it works. Try it out.

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Ah okay, thank’s a lot.

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