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All your E-mail, from all your accounts, in one place. Cypht is not your father’s webmail. Unless you are one of my daughters, in which case it is your father’s webmail. Cypht is like a news reader, but for E-mail. Cypht does not replace your existing accounts - it combines them into one. And it’s also a news reader.

Shipped version: 1.3.0~ynh1


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Thank you @ericg !
This seems great, and while my own daughters are too young to enjoy it, I’d like to give it a try :smiley:

After fresh installation, Cypht is not loading…it returns error message below, I tried different browser, same issues.

Invalid auth configuration

where can I check the logs to debug the problem?

**yunohost is running on arm64 board

What do you mean by Cypht is not loading? Do you have something in the screen or just a blank page?

hi @ericg

After I install Cypht under a subdomain cypht.xyz.com successfully.
I go to the link cypht.xyz.com, it returns a page on browser with error msg : “Invalid auth configuration”


I just installed Cypht, no errors at installation, but when I try to open via the tile, I get a login screen.
None of my credentials seem to work.
No SSO for this app? Did I miss something?

Thanks for your help.

u can only use the user, not the full email of that…