Custom diagnosis service

How I got to this point:

Recently cert renewals failed, and when I ran things manually it complained about diagnosis issues, the thing is, I didn’t see any new errors, actually there were no errors at all in the Web section

When I checked the warnings, I found the Invalid request: You cannot test that many domains error, I found the following unresolved topics:

After further searching for the error I got to the YunoHost/check-http repo and found the limit of 60 domains, which I apparently passed a few months back

My solution

I created my own version with docker and parameters (and had a few hours of “fun” with docker and ipv6)

Then I manually modified /usr/lib/python3/dist-packages/yunohost/ to have DIAGNOSIS_SERVER point to my own domain and diagnosis passed with flying colors

Proposed solution

Make DIAGNOSIS_SERVER customizable, not just for this reason, there are security or privacy considerations as well

Edit: This is just a temporary workaround until we can redesign the diagnosis part (batches, queuing on the server side since it is asyncio to begin with)