[Contributors meeting] April 17th, 2018

Dear YunoHost contributors,

we will have our next meeting on Tuesday, April 17th, 2018 :grinning:. It will be on the usual Mumble server (kload.fr:64738) at 20h30 UTC+2 !

NB: You are welcome to join even if you’re not currently contributing and/or just want to discover and see how things works in the project. :v:

Here is the pad’s link where you can prepare the meeting:

Feel free to add topics and bullet points you would like to be discussed during the meeting !



  • ljf
  • frju365
  • Irina
  • Aleks
  • Maniack Crudelis
  • Josue
  • Bram
  • moul

Misc news

  • https://chat.yunohost.org/ is broken (x-strophe-bad-non-anon-jid) - need some XMPP expertise to fix it ? :s
    • a workaround can be to setup an IRC client instead …

[Stretch] Towards a beta release

Everything is pretty much working and fixes for official apps should be okay now …

  • Stretch could become the default/recommended install
  • Migration is of course more delicate but will always be. But all recents tests are pretty encouraging

Therefore : proposal to go for a Beta release around April 30th ~ May 1st

To be reviewed at some point … :

Discussion revolves around remaining issues and todo items [c.f. original pad], and about to which extend we can test apps (via the app CI) and communicate about their compatibility with Stretch.

[Infra] Fallback of our infra

Follow-up of Break down of some YunoHost servers

Discussion about how to improve the current infrastructure to handle this kind of situation more smoothly. In particular, have redundancy for critical services (nohost.me / noho.st DNS server and ip.yunohost.org) and be able to easily redeploy other services (e.g. with https://github.com/YunoHost-Apps/fallback_ynh and https://github.com/maniackcrudelis/Fallback-server )

Todo: remove ipv6 dns redirection on ns1.yunohost.org ???
Todo: Set a dynhost ip.yunohost.org (https://github.com/maniackcrudelis/Fallback-server/tree/master/DynHost)
Todo: [Aleks] try to look into setting up a deb mirror (ftpsync?)
Todo: write a process paper about myris shortage
Todo: copy simone lxc on samurai
Todo: Use fallback_ynh for saperlipopette
Todo: [Aleks] Make an install script for tartiflette deployment

[Infra] LXC for the Internet Cube people ?

During last week’s meeting, the Internet Cube people wanted to know if it was possible to get a LXC on our infra to host an image build chain, possibly with a jenkins

-> Green light (ljf seems to volunteer to setup this)

[nohost.me/noho.st] Still no answer from the Public Suffix List

c.f. https://github.com/publicsuffix/list/pull/615


Discussion about the management and governance of this list … (especially feedback from frju)

Finally, one of the maintainer of the repo unexpectedly merge the PR during the meeting !

[Apps] Chroot feature et SFTP

Discussion about setting up chroot or different /var/www/$app architecture for users to be able to use SFTP to be able to install plugin
(Seem to be relevant only for a few apps, like wordpress and joomla ?)

[Community] Brique Camp

ljf might have a plan to organize a camp this summer in north of the france

TODO: send mail to ju to ask for alternative(?) castle plan
TODO: start a framadate for contributors to tell when they’ll be available

[Communication] Answer to the CFP for RMLL 2018 ?

Discussion about who could give a talk or hold a stand for YunoHost (possibly with the Internet Cube project ?)

  • Aleks or ljf might propose a talk if nobody else is available / wants to give one
  • Holding a stand would be good also but requires more time and ljf / Aleks are possibly in the RMLL’s orga. Irina (and Josue ?) said they might be available some times to hold the stand.

[nohost.me/noho.st] Remove batshit-crazyness from the Dynette

c.f. https://github.com/YunoHost/dynette/pull/9

Dynette has way too many I/O for the job it does and this PR hugely reduce them using a queue/worker pattern. This was successfully (?) deployed during the night !

Next meeting

May 1st, 2018