Configure XMPP in Nextcloud addon "Javascript XMPP Client"

Nextcloud version: 11.0.2
Operating system: Debian 8
YunoHost: 2.5.6


I am new to YunoHost so please correct me if I’m wrong. YunoHost has per default a XMPP server at domain.tld, and a BOSH server, for the client, which has to be used in Nextcloud, at “https://bosh.domain.tld:5222/http-bind”.

This all makes sense to me, however, when I, in the addon at Nextcloud called “JavaScript XMPP Client”, put in the following, please see picture below, it doesn’t work, with the error message also seen below. Does anyone know what I’m doing wrong?

Looking forward to getting any help on this issue.

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Is you bosh server reachable like

Thank you for your answer.

Unfortunately not, it just redirects me to the admin panel.

Looking forward to your reply.

The bosh is activated in by default as @Moul indicated in Bosh support for metronome. The default domain need to be redirected to bosh interface i.e You can archive this by yunohost redirect app
It will be proxy pass with bosh.domain.tld/http-bind ->

Thank you for your help kanhu, it solved the problem!

Have a great day :slight_smile:

Just passing by, not on nextcloud but this post helped me so much :pray:
:metal: Yeah, it wooorks !! :metal: So XMPP and BOSH are starting to be clearer in my head, thanks to you, the amazing YNH community :smiley:

Now, on to logging and history of the channels !
Is there a dedicated thread about XMPP on the forums ?