Bosh support for metronome



Can someone tell me how to implement bosh support in metronome like in Yunohost page ?

<script type="text/javascript" src="/jappix/javascripts/mini.min.js"></script>

<script type="text/javascript">
    // Jappix mini chat
    jQuery.ajaxSetup({cache: false});
    $(".actions").css('opacity', 0);

    var ADS_ENABLE = 'off';
    var JAPPIX_STATIC = '/jappix/';
    var HOST_BOSH = '';
    var ANONYMOUS = 'on';
        connection: {
           domain: "",
        application: {
           network: {
              autoconnect: false,
           interface: {
              showpane: false,
              animate: false,
           groupchat: {
              open: [''],
              suggest: ['']
</script> points to the working page for the bosh.


BOSH is already activated on Metronome configuration. Jappix app use it.

You could request BOSH locally with:

curl localhost:5290/http-bind
Configure XMPP in Nextcloud addon "Javascript XMPP Client"

Hi moul

How it can be used in jappix mini the app you did?


Anonymous connection need to be configured on Metronome configuration.
I didn’t succeed to connect Jappix Mini to BOSH endpoint.
Honestly, we shouldn’t use Jappix apps as they are no more maintained.
I advice to use Converse.js.


I would love to try converse.js but first in need to make proxy to localhost:5290/http-bind so that it work like

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