Configure Wifi Hotspot DHCP


I want to configure the DHCP of the wifi hotspot.

Specifically I want to associate some hostnames to specific ipv6.
For example, when my laptop connects to the wifi I want it to get a predefined ipv6, always the same. That ipv6 is already in my DNS so it can be reached with

I think this is not an available option in the admin interface, am I right?

My DNS happens to be my yunohost, so I have modified dnsmasq manually to add an entry in the DNS for the laptop. Now I would like to add an entry in the same file (/etc/dnsmasq.d/ with something like dhcp-host=laptop,[xxxx:xxxx::].
But I don’t think it’s going to work. When I list the processes on the box I see that instance of dnsmasq + 2 others, related to the wifi hotspot app, both are dhcp confs, one for ipv4, the other for ipv6. When I modify the file for ipv6 in /etc/dnsmasq.dhcp/dhcpdv6-ssid0.conf it gets reset when the wifi hotspot starts.

So I would like to know how I could add some hosts in the dhcp.


I tried this dirty trick, I edit the template files found in /etc/dnsmasq.dhcpd/dhcpdv*.conf.tpl and they then get copied over the .conf file that is used to launch dnsmasq when starting the hotspot. This will probably be overwritten in an upgrade but for the moment it will do the trick.
In the template for ipv4 there even is a function that serves the purpose of associating ethernet addresses with IP addresses. It has to be uncommented and one has to keep track of mappings in /etc/ethers.

I want IPv6 though, so I used the dhcp-host but it looks like my client (latest ubuntu) does not understand dhcpv6 from dnsmasq. When I force dhcpv6 only in the network manager (no slaac) then I don’t get any ipv6.

I will investigate that.

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