Co-op Cloud [YNH Alternative]

Anyone here ever heard of Co-op cloud?

Co-op Cloud is a software stack that aims to make hosting libre software applications simple for small service providers such as tech co-operatives who are looking to standardise around an open, transparent and scalable infrastructure. It uses the latest container technologies and configurations are shared into the commons for the benefit of all.

Curious to hear what people think of the way it is build and it works vis-a-vis the way YNH works.


They address YunoHost and give their opinion on it:


  • :+1: Lovely web interface for app, domain & user management.
  • :+1: Bigger library of apps.
  • :+1: Awesome backup / deploy / restore continuous integration testing.
  • :+1: Supports hosting apps in subdirectories as well as subdomains.
  • :+1: Doesn’t require a public-facing IP.
  • :+1: Supports system-wide mutualisation of resources for apps (e.g. sharing databases by default)


  • :-1: Upstream libre software communities aren’t involved in packaging.
  • :-1: Uninstalling apps leaves growing cruft.
  • :-1: Limited to vertical scaling.
  • :-1: Not intended for use by hosting providers.

My 2 cts:

Thanks to them for the love. :heart:

  • :-1: Uninstalling apps leaves growing cruft.

If the app removal scripts does its job well, it should not leave cruft.

  • :-1: Limited to vertical scaling.

One day™ with the friend-to-friend API. :slight_smile:

  • :-1: Not intended for use by hosting providers.

True, but less true with Ansible deployment, I guess? :sweat_smile:

When I will have some time I will have a look to the their software. :slight_smile: Their lack of screenshots tells me they are focused on the backend for the moment?


Nice of them to delve into the strengths and weaknesses of different platforms.

Then again, for who is it a disadvantage to have a home server platform that is not intended for use by hosting providers? Not in defense of perceived shortcomings, or to attack critique!

Friend-to-friend by the way, would be really cool for horizontal scaling :slight_smile:

I think this comparative describe yunohost philosophy pretty much well. Of course i have some details to add, but it’s a good synthesis

Do you think those communities think they are not allowed to participate to this package ?
For me the true reasons is they doesn’t want to spent time on packaging for x packaging format. So they do a docker image and that’s it. However, we already have demonstrate that a generic container image could’nt feet several needs (like SSO integration, complexe backup policies or specific configuration panel).

I agree with them. YunoHost is not really made to be scaled over 500+ (maybe 1000) ynh accounts (with apps). Some things could be improved, some others won’t be. We are on a mono machine strategy, with all limitations that implied.

I think it’s false. YunoHost is not intended to be use to made Saas scalable services. But YunoHost is totally open to the idea of server provider preinstalling YunoHost. SOme of them scaleway, ikoula, ARN, or other providers has already integrated YunoHost on a part of their offers…

It’s a bit sad to not have, sandstorm, ispconfig, freenas, plesk, umbrel and others.

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Heyyyy, cool to see this here!

I used to do stuff here and basically learned all the things that I do in Co-op Cloud by lurking YunoHost :upside_down_face: I would happily ammend this pros/cons list if people have strong feelings re: the hosting provider point. I tried to give the best overview I could but was not so deeply involved in this project after all… just a couple of months… lemme know!

It’s a long video but at 50:20 I was praising the good work you do over on State of the Co-op Cloud 2023 - Underscore TV and trying to explain the differences as I see them.

Would gladly try to find a way to work together between the projects! Drop us a line @ boop AT autonomic DOT zone if you wanna chat or ping me herel I’ll re-enable mail notifications.

At my $day_job (autonomic) we were looking into offering managed YunoHost installs with an eye to contribute some % of the profit here but that hasn’t worked out so far. Is anyone doing this already? One day hopefully!

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Maybe “Uninstalling apps leaves growing cruft” is not really fair actually and could be removed?

“Not intended for use by hosting providers” - I think this was coming from What is YunoHost? | Yunohost Documentation because of “a full VPS per user will be just fine, and we believe a better way to go.” which isn’t really feasible for most hosting providers we have in mind?