Libreserver [YNH Alternative]

Anyone here familiar with Libreserver and how it overlaps or is different from YNH?

LibreServer is a small server system which enables you to run your own internet services independently. It includes all of the things you’d expect such as email, chat, VoIP, wikis, blogs, social networks, and more. You can run LibreServer on an old laptop or single board computer. You can also run it on an onion address.

There seems to be a few alternatives to yunohost.

Maybe there can be a wiki somewhere that compares them…

The other ones I found so far are and

I studied some alternatives to yunohost when I wrote a presentation about and I found some.

Every alternative is quite different but AFAIK yunohost is the most vital.


Libreservice seems to be a one-person project? No signs of any community. They ask to write to “support”, one has to search to find a link to the source code… well, not as trustworthy as Yunohost!

There is a long list of selfhosting solutions here

Yunohost is the most complete and the easiest to use


Yeah clearly! Altough I also like the Mistborn Project.

I find it interesting to see how there are different approaches to this shared dream. And probably projects can learn from each other and maybe even collaborate as for example the maintainer of Coopcloud has called for.