Change Yunohost project policy and list non-free software in application catalog

I wonder why GitHub - YunoHost-Apps/minecraft_ynh: Minecraft Server package for YunoHost exists, but it’s not in the official application catalogue, see: Minecraft server

I found a old thread about adding non-free software to the catalogue here: Demande à la communauté / Ask the community - #5 by frju365

I think we should think about this again.

Yes, i love Open Source and hate Close Sources or non-free software and would like to have everything Open Sourced :wink:
But unfortunately we do not live in an ideal world. Of course, you can ignore this. But unfortunately, this also makes the YunoHost project less interesting for users.

I think it’s okay to add something like the “Minecraft Server” into the app catalogue, but only it it’s clearly pointed out that parts of the software is non-free. A little bit like F-Droid that warns you, see: Anti-Features | F-Droid - Free and Open Source Android App Repository

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Personal opinion: I am not in favour of changing the policy. Let’s keep the official catalog free as in beer and thought, and offer a secondary catalog for other apps, with a mandatory non-free category to discriminate them à la F-Droid.


That’s also okay. But it should be easy to add or activate the non-free section/category.

It used to be possible directly through a button on the webadmin, so I guess yes, it can be added back.

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But this is currently only theory and nothing is ready to use, or did i miss something?

You can install a non listed app by going at the end of this page https://YOURDOMAIN/yunohost/admin/#/apps/catalog/all (Webadmin > App > Install > All apps > go to the end )

The last official position was : anyone can create a non-free or an alternative catalogue, promote it and explain how to install it in /etc/yunohost/apps_catalog.yml . Strangely nobody does…

About non-free package you should be aware that some editors doesn’t allow package creation. So those packages could be not totally legal and shouldn’t be in YunoHost-Apps… Some of them are in YunoHost-Apps organization by errors cause we discovered they was non free too late.

In the case of minecraft, here i quote their terms:

The one major rule is that you must not distribute anything we’ve made unless we specifically agree to it.

Not clear in this case if a package that download sources from their website could be considered as it, but personally i have no energy to try to understand each proprietary licenses or ask editors if we can package their apps. Please don’t ask to the team to make this job and take responsibility on it.

Finally, you need a mechanism to inform users about the proprietary license content before installation. That part doesn’t exist today, but you can add a checkbox question in each install process by changing manifest.