Can you help me choose the right VPS?


Hello !
I would like to make a yunohost instance on a VPS.
Do you have any suggestion :
what company do you trust for privacy ?
in which country should I host regarding privacy rules ?
What config ( RAM, CPU ) for daily usage for 20 up to 200 users ?
Thanks you all :slight_smile:

in my experience if you intend to use nextcloud (or other file sharing) vps are quite short on disk space.
I personnaly use soyoustart (from ovh) dedicated servers and i’m happy so far (from some years)
In term of privacy i think the only way to be absolutly certain is to host your box “at home” which i don’t want to do, so i’m ok with soyoustart.
Also i know that framasoft is hosting their services in hetzner which i will test one day

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I concurr that there aren’t so many VPS provider that will give some sort of guarantee regarding privacy … Except maybe associative actors like Alsace Réseau Neutre in Strasbourg :wink:

Otherwise, myself these days I am using Scaleway VPS which works pretty well and are quite affordable. I think for up to 200 users, you’d want something like 4 GB or RAM which should be about 8€/month ?


I agree with Aleks.

But you can have some condition to choose the right VPS :

  • The country where it will be host is better in Europe, not in the USA. The government institutions USA have the right to make backdoor on server to listen communication. In Europe privacy is a little bit better than in the US. In Europe the the countries wheee the law about privacy are the best, are Switzerland and Germany.
  • For Nextcloud I agree with @Bachy, you must have disk space, and prefer SSD than HDD.
  • The bandwith connection is very important if you want to upload or download image, document.
  • for me, what is also very important is support : when you have a problem (surely), you must have a someone to contact.

List of VPS provider company I trust (but it’s only by experience) :

  • Hertzner (Framasoft server are on this) Germany
  • OnetSolutions (Yunohost Cinema project is on it, they cares of their user and you can contact them on twitter, mail, through the admin interface, but their interface is not very user-friendly). France

You can see the No-google wiki which has a list of VPS provider you can trust :


Also let’s keep in mind that this whole “privacy” thing depends on your threat model…

If you want to escape the NSA / FVEY, then don’t use a VPS at all. On the other hand, if you just want to host services for your local baseball or curling club, then those agencies probably have other things to do than exfiltrate data from your server (sure there’s the whole mass surveillance thing, but I doubt we are at a level where they copy VPS data automatically).

Normally, NSA hasn’t the same right as in the United State. Well, if you avoid cloudflare, scaleway and ovh, and you take little company, normally there is no problem with “privacy”… Well laws in France are not very privacy-friendly (Loi de Programmation Militaire). :confused:

Hertner is very professionnal, so normally you won’t have any problem. OnetSolution is a little company (which will integrate Yunohost preinstalled system in some days). I forgot Infomaniack, very professionnal and set in Switzerland (but price is a bit more expensive than the two others).

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