Blocked on Github

Hello all,

I am the author of the GitHub ticket " Support Debian 11 “Bullseye”":

Today I have requested news from the YunoHost team and I was blocked.
I do not understand because no message since a more one month:

alexAubin commented Sep 8, 2021

We’re going for a 4.3 testing in a few days before starting Bullseye alpha campaign, ideally around the end of the month

But no new message since 8th September 2021.

I have sent:

Neustradamus commented Oct 17, 2021

@alexAubin: Have you progressed?

Can you reply on the issue and inform people of the progression?

People on GitHub wait the testing version but no information.

I think it is a good point to unlock me at the same time, the problem is that no news since 8th September 2021 and the current is 17th October 2021.

Thanks in advance.

We repeatedly tried to explain to you that that “contributing” exclusively by randomly pinging and poking volunteer about “progress” on the issue tracker is annoying and not okay. It only feels like you’re just putting pressure on the team in general, and on specific people.

Despite our warning, you keep doing so (this random-poking-every-X-months has been going on for quite a few years now), hence you’re getting blocked.

I guess you forgot to include the time there. More accurately there’s no news since September 8th, 10:47 PM, and the current time is October 17th, 11:49 PM, which represents 39 days, 1 hour and 2 minutes without news.

Joke aside, as we already tried to explain you several times, the (volunteers, again) team is perfectly aware that Bullseye support is a priority, and you don’t need to remind us. If there was any significant progress, it would be discussed on the corresponding issue.

You may complain that I said something about “ideally around the end of the month”, which doesn’t change that there’s always more work than expected, that the project is ran by volunteers, and that things will be ready when they’ll be ready.

If you want stuff to happen faster, maybe try to find new people to contribute, or send any positive thoughts, rather than acting as if the project owes you something.


@Aleks: Can you look the screenshot?

No changes since 8th September 2021, it is the reason of my comment.

No information to test etc.


I read your comment the first time.

You’re not reading my answers, not any of our other messages.

I addressed your questions in my previous post, and the reason of your blocking.

Just start reading what we say to you.


Le gars s’enfonce et ne comprend pas pourquoi :joy:.
Je pense que c’est une perte de temps de continuer à expliquer.

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No comment at the end of September, it is the reason of my comment.

And like me, people do not go on the forum to read the post.

In the GitHub issue, no link to the forum post.

I think that you can reply, add the forum link and unblock me.

The problem will be solved.

Thanks in advance.

No, I don’t know what forum thread you are referring to, you still ain’t reading what I wrote, and you’re still being pushy / insisting that somehow people owe you something.

I’m blocking you from this forum as well, and will keep blocking you on other means of communication if necessary as long as you keep showing the same shitty attitude.