Bazarr service won't start - S01E02

I wanted to post in the correct topic but it is closed. If it can be reopened (and maybe it should stay open for future issues, to prevent accumulation of similar threads) the current topic could be merged there.

Anyway, exactly as stated in this issue my bazarr service does not start anymore with this error in the logs : ImportError: cannot import name 'VideoDimensions' from '' (/opt/yunohost/bazarr/bazarr/../libs/knowit/properties/video/

I was wondering if a fix was underway or if i could provide more information to understand what is going on !

Per Cannot start Bazarr - ImportError: cannot import name 'VideoDimensions' from '' (c:\bazarr\bazarr../libs\knowit\properties\ · Issue #1742 · morpheus65535/bazarr · GitHub

  1. Backup your app
  2. sudo rm -rf /opt/yunohost/bazarr/{bazarr*,libs,frontend}
  3. sudo yunohost app upgrade bazarr -F

I did not think about checking the upstream repo, thanks. Will try and report.

And it worked ! Thanks !

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